27 February 2015

Fireborn Flash Fiction Covers Unveiled

One of the things I adore about setting up my own publishing company is seeing it grow. Unlike most publishers I've dealt with, we're not just offering 3 or 6 choices for standardized covers for works too short for personalized covers. We're offering hundreds, in a full range of genres and content. We add more nearly every week. If you're thinking of submitting a short work...or just want to see some nice art, visit our Art Choices page and see what we offer.

25 February 2015

New Release and Coming Soon!

New release!
The Consort (The Fantasy Club #1)
$1.99 in ebook
fantasy erotic romance
Available from Fireborn Publishing

Liz is a lonely woman, widowed before she was properly a bride. Ben was the only man for her. Now he's gone, and she has been left in agony, both physical and emotional.

Patrice has long-ago decided she's asexual. Though she tried to play the games to fit in, she's never found anyone sexually appealing.

When these two friends each receive an invitation to the exclusive Fantasy Club, they decide to go, just to satisfy their interfering friends...whichever of them spent the money to send them to the club. Once there, they learn about the true magic of the club. It's not called Little Olympus for kicks. But, can even the gods of Olympus make a happily ever after for two lost causes like these?

Coming soon!
Fairy Wishes
fantasy sensual romance
$1.99 in ebook
Coming 8 May 2015 from Fireborn Publishing

Eliza is in love with a man beneath her station. Her father plans for her to marry a nobleman she doesn't love. When Eliza disappears, Lord Blake wants nothing more than a way to save face and set his daughter free to her new love. 

Enter Melina, a lowborn who prays to the same fairies Blake does. Whether she chooses to take Eliza's place marrying Lord Jonathan Evers or she takes Eliza's place turning the infuriating man down--thus spending her life with the father she never knew she wanted--one of her wishes may come true. Which one only the fairies can say for sure.


Deadline: Ongoing through 2015
Title: Seeking works, mainly MM and ménage works, to balance catalog!
Genre: All romance, erotic romance, and erotica genres, especially SF/F/P/H subgenres
Word count: 5K and up, with a specific focus on 5-45K
Publisher: Fireborn Publishing
Acquisitions Editor: Brenna Lyons
EIC: Kathy Kozakewich
Contact: sales@firebornpublishing.com
Payment: 40% net sales on first two works, 50% net on third and further works placed with us
Description: Fireborn is seeking MM and/or ménage works, especially those between 5K and 45K, to balance out our catalog. We won't turn down a MF work or a longer work, but we're flush with them right now, so something different would go over well.
For more information:
Be sure to read our author handbooks and our submission requirements.

The things authors should never do when approaching a publisher...

I've met my share of unprofessional authors in my time, and I keep reminding myself that these authors are in the minority. The purpose of this discussion is to get input from other authors and publishers on what authors should NEVER do. Let's make a list to help those who are coming in and need to learn the ropes. I'll start off with some of the ones I've seen.

1) Don't fail to look for and follow the publisher's submission guidelines. In addition to causing the publisher extra work to bring your book into line, it shows that you don't work well with a publisher. Rightly or wrongly, you will be judged by your initial contact with the publisher.

2) Don't fail to learn what industry standards are. Even if the publisher doesn't give guidelines, there is a minimum publishers expect for submissions. If you're using tabs or spacing in at the beginning of a paragraph rather than using the indent feature in a word processor, you've already made a bad choice. If you are using an atypical font or font size, you have as well. This is a profession, and you should know the basics of it, as you would in any profession.

3) Don't balk at the contract you've already signed. Your opportunity to want something changed was before you signed it, not afterward. Read, understand, and AGREE with the contract, or don't sign it. Badgering the publisher to make changes you aren't due is not a professional move.

4) Don't refuse reasonable edits. Even if you are writing in vernacular, there is a minimum of readability you have to reach, which may mean toning it down a bit. If you're not writing in vernacular, narrative does not enjoy the loose standards of grammar dialog would. Simple grammar and spelling should not be an editing "issue". Until the editor is trying to make substantial changes, you have nothing to complain about, and then...go through proper channels. Talk to the EIC or Senior Editor.

5) Even if you disagree with the publisher's reason for rejecting your work, do NOT argue with them about it. A rejection isn't personal. By acting so unprofessionally, you are MAKING it personal and demonstrating that you are not a good fit for working with a publisher. Furthermore, do not threaten the publisher, do not invite someone else in to argue with the publisher in your defense (you're not a 12 year-old), and do not tell the publisher he/she doesn't know what he/she is doing or that he/she will be sorry they aren't taking your "type" of work.

Beyond the fact that you've just burned your bridges with that publisher, you may have burned your bridges with other publishers that publisher is friends with. I'm not talking blackballing here, but when one publisher lets another know about the rough one they just dealt with, out of a desire to protect the second publisher's own company, he or she may ask the initial publisher to share the author's name. Out of professional courtesy, that's going to happen. Publishing, especially indie publishing of like genres, is a small group and many know each other. NEVER forget that.

6) DO NOT blame publishers for things beyond their control. When Amazon and the other distribution channels set up rules for what content they wouldn't take, books that were contracted in good faith and distributed were suddenly yanked from certain distribution channels. A surprising number of authors blamed the publishers for that turn of events, when the truth was that we had no control over it.

7) Never make your grievance public... Wait, let's rephrase that. IF the publisher is breaking contract, feel free to make a big deal out of it. If you just feel the publisher is wrong, ala #5 or #6, keep it to yourself. By screaming in a public forum about it and blaming the publisher, the author makes a fool of himself/herself and further alienates industry members who might have wanted to work with that author, until the outburst.

8) Be concise in your email correspondence. When you email the publisher, use your full pen name, name the book you are inquiring about, and be precise in what your question is. A publisher with dozens or hundreds of authors on board may have more than one with your first name, you may have more than one book with the publisher, and just asking "What's up with my book?" does not tell the publisher what the issue is, forcing the publisher to either ask you and waste time waiting for an answer or spend time trying to figure out your cryptic question while he/she could be doing something else?

Go to the direct person you need to speak to, when possible. If you send an email about your cover to your editor, the editor can't do anything but forward it to someone who might know, and that person might be an administrator who THEN has to forward it to the art director or cover artist. If you ask the art director or your cover artist a question directly, you have cut two email forwards off your wait time AND not wasted everyone else's time as well.

Use proper English (or whatever language you might be conversing in). You are a professional author. You deal with words. A publisher should never get an email from you full of IM or text speak. I'm not saying to fully edit every email. There is no editor in email, of course. I am saying that full sentences are appreciated.

9) READ your contract. I know I said that earlier, but this one is important. If a question is answered in the contract, do not email the publisher, asking the question. In fact, read all available information the publisher offers to authors, including submissions guidelines, handbooks, and so forth. You will feel more at ease and won't waste time on questions you should already know the answers to.

10) When a publisher answers a question for you, DO NOT continue to ask the same question. Moreover, DO NOT go from person to person in the company, asking the same question and expecting a different answer to it. Chances are, the company has already set standards/policy for what you are asking, and the answer isn't going to change, but you are going to wear out your welcome this way.

11) Be careful with how you compare companies. Demanding changes because you like how another publisher does something is only going to cause frustration on both sides. If it's important enough to you to be upset by it, consider giving your next book to the other publisher. It's okay to say "Have you considered...?", but what the publisher ultimately does is based on their comfort zones, not those of individual authors with the company.

Additionally, the publishers in question have a certain audience they have built up. That relationship comes with certain expectations. In specific, the readers know what to expect from the publisher and their offerings. If you submit to a publisher, and they tell you they tell you it doesn't fit, believe them. Don't argue it. Don't insult them for not taking "your" thing. It's not the right publisher for you, and that's not personal. Insulting them IS personal. No publisher "owes" it to you to accept your work. Move on to find a better fit for you. Moreover, nothing will get you put in the "never accept from this hothead" pile faster than that. 

So...what are your additions to the list?

27 January 2015

New reviews in!...and news on ebook distribution

"Geoff and Joey and Abby all are very likeable. Seeing both Geoff and Joey try to learn how to love Abby and each other kept me turning the pages. It bothers me that people are so close minded about living a different kind of life than most people. Just because you are gay does not mean you are any different than those who are not. Geoff and Joey became real in my mind because both have had things not so good happen because they were gay. Give this book a chance, I am so glad I did."
Barb for Drue's Random Chatter's Reviews
4 Stars

"The story [is] very enjoyable.  Joey and Geoff have quite a chemistry, and as they fall for each other, the reader falls as well.  Of course, there is some angst, but it’s just enough to move the story along.  The sex between the men is hot and extremely well written.  Little Abby is adorable and sweet and becomes the glue in their relationship.  It’s a quick read, but a significant amount of time passes within the book.  Abby goes from fussy newborn to a happy baby eating Cheerios in her high chair.  Joey and Geoff grow as well, and it was really fun to see. I’ve never read anything from Brenna Lyons, but I intend to check out her other books.  If they’re even half as good as “Unexpected Daddy”, I’ll be reading more from her.  I definitely recommend this one."
Kenna for Cocktails and Books
4 Cocktails

"I liked how this story paced and the way it unfolds. It is completely believable. When you want a fantasy story with a twist I think you would love this one very much.  I know I did."
4 Twinkling Stars from Redz World Reviews

Under the Moon/Final Sword Productions is working on expanded formats for my books with them and then distributing them. First up? This week's distributed book is RENEGADE'S RUN (Renegades Series #2).

25 January 2015

Submissions call from Fireborn Publishing!

Feel free to pass along!

Fireborn Publishing is actively seeking submission of shorter works, 5-20K. We’ve been getting a lot of longer works in, and we need to balance out our schedule.

Pairings: Any. MM, MF, FF, or any manner of ménage or multiple partners is welcome. We could actually use some more ménage and MF, since we’re currently heavy on MM, but we won’t turn away a well-written MM!

Genre: Any. We take everything from contemporary and historical through SF/F/H/P.

Heat level: Any. Though we tend more toward sensual to erotic romance and some romantic erotica, we’re game for most levels of romance and romanTIC work. We signed a traditional-heat-level romantic fantasy the other day.

No-gos: The usual. No bestiality. No incest. No under-aged human characters having sex. No body fluids, save vampires drinking blood. You all know the drill. We can’t take what is illegal to publish in the US or what we can’t distribute.

Royalty rate: 40% net received from all distribution channels. Paid in check or PayPal for US authors or PayPal only for non-US authors, on a quarterly basis.

Term of contract: Two years, with renewal on agreement built into the contract.

Books 20K and below get one of our Fireborn Flash Fiction covers…author’s choice from the page of them.

For more information or to read the contract, please visit our Submissions page at http://www.firebornpublishing.com/Submissions.html and our FAQ page at http://www.firebornpublishing.com/FAQ.html. You can also check out our FFF cover selection on our Art page at http://www.firebornpublishing.com/ArtChoices.html.

17 December 2014

Spotlight on my newest ARe Bestsellers!

AReBSRaashhDecisionsKeif's PackAReBS

FIVE new releases in less than two months!

Maher Men (Night Warriors series- Warriors #5)
Paranormal erotic romance
Available in ebook and print from Phaze Books and Mundania Press
$5.99 in ebook/$13.95 in print

The blue-eyed Maher men have always caused a stir. When Kord finds his mate, he doesn't know that the stone has a hand in destiny once again. The stone needs a suitable warrior for the König princess, and a mixing of the bloodlines alone will make the match. 

Julia Farmer doesn't know she was bitten in childhood. She doesn't know she was transfused with Warrior blood. While she's not Blutjagdfrau, she shares the Warrior's drives, much to her father's dismay. There's instant attraction between Kord Maher and Julia, but when she hides the fact that she's a Warrior daughter from him, he ends up on the wrong side of the Rules of Sanction.

Shana has never taken chances. She never wanted excitement in her life. Then, her world was turned upside down. Vampires are real, and one vampire hunter seems intent on her safety--and on her. Bryant will not call a halt until Shana accepts his protection--and him--no matter what.
Adam is inflexible, abrasive, and full of himself. Jo is...completely unimpressed. Too bad, because Adam never backs down when he sees something he wants. Jo wants nothing more than to dump the warrior Kord assigned to her, but ditching one of the Maher trackers isn't as easy as one might believe. Adam Maher is one of the most infuriating men Jo has ever met. So, why can't she get him out of her mind?

Gabriel is Adam Maher's younger son. By all accounts, he's inherited the Maher hot blood. He printed at 17 and was refused. Then he made a pass at the wrong woman and found himself vilified in Hunter range. To top it all off, one of Adam's enemies has set his sights on destroying Adam by destroying his son. The beast doesn't know how effective his plan might be. The chosen bait to draw Gabriel in is the same protected who refused to be Gabe's mate a decade earlier, and his blood still hasn't cooled.

The Warrior’s Man (Night Warriors series- Warriors #3.5)
Paranormal/contemporary gay erotic romance
Available in ebook from Phaze Books and Mundania Press

Stevie has had a rough life. Kicked out of his home with his twin sister in tow—he gay and she pregnant—when they were only seventeen, he’s had to struggle for the last six years to keep his head above water. He’s dealt with homophobes, with cheating exes, and with an unkind world, but he’s carved out a little place for himself in it, all the same. Now he has one more struggle…facing the fact that vampires exist, as do the Warriors who hunt them.

Terry has been attracted to men as long as he’s been attracted to women, but he never followed through. Warriors of Armen tend to fall fast and hard for women they save, so why waste time on a man, when there’s a woman somewhere in the world for you? He falls fast and hard, but it’s not a woman he saves that catches his attention and stokes his need to print. It’s Stevie. A Warrior has never printed on another man before. Will the rules of sanction stretch far enough to allow him to claim what he really wants?
Damsel in Distress (Night Warriors series- Warriors #3.75)
Paranormal sensual romance
Available in ebook from Phaze Books and Mundania Press

Nothing in his training has prepared Corey for the Beast enclave he encounters. They are serial torturers. They take trophies of their kills. They may even be flesh eaters. Expunging them is the least he can do to give their latest victim peace of mind.

After three days in the hands of the Beasts, Hannah is scarred, blood weak, and suffering severe PTSD. The fact that the Beasts got away with their crimes in Armen range is a stain on the entire house and will be for centuries.

The only person Hannah trusts is Corey. With the aid of the Stone in controlling his sexual drives, can he help Hannah reclaim her life and her sexuality? Can she accept any man after what the Beasts did to her? Only time will tell.

Mother of the Keif (Keif’s Den & Pack #1.5)
Paranormal holiday sensual romance
Available in ebook from Fireborn Publishing

More than seven years have passed. Keif is an adolescent wolf, and the twin boys are a handful of trouble. It's Christmas in Jen and Adrien's cabin, and though wolves don't usually celebrate the human holiday, the entire den has embraced the alpha female's traditions. But all is not calm in the den. Can Keif ease tensions with a special surprise?
Unexpected Daddy (Unexpected Daddies #1)
Gay contemporary erotic romance
Available in ebook from Phaze Books and Mundania Press

When twenty-six-year-old Joey Beirs is summoned to the emergency room one evening, the last thing he expects to find is that his twin brother and Jeremy's wife have both been killed in a car accident, leaving him an unexpected daddy to his newborn niece, Abby. Closing in on the end of his leave from work, Joey has to find suitable childcare for Abby. After yet another interview turns south, Joey is accosted by homophobic bigots and saved by Geoff Allread. 

Geoff is in his forties, an out-of-work carpenter whose unemployment is running out, soon to be faced with working in fast food or retail to keep food on the table in the recession. He's also late to come out of the closet, a wounded man who has lost everything by admitting what he is... including his daughter from his ill-fated marriage. Geoff is good with kids and adores Abby. It's a match made in heaven. At forty-three, Geoff needs a job that doesn't mean asking if someone wants fries, and Joey needs someone who's good with Abby.

But can both of them overcome their hurts and accept that the age difference doesn't matter as much as finding what they've both lost... a stable family?