16 August 2016

Fireborn Bestsellers from 2nd Quarter

Fireborn Publishing's 2nd Qtr BESTSELLING BOOKS
1. Daddy by Default by Shawn H. Bailey
2. The Element Case by Edward Kendrick

3. The Astral Mage by Hurri Cosmo

4. Purr-Suasion by Pelaam

5. It Takes an Artist... by Edward Kendrick

6. Always Forgotten by Lm Brown

7. Until You by Hurri Cosmo

8. Never Alone by Brenna Lyons

9. Uncanny Activity by Edward Kendrick

10. I Believe Now by Hurri Cosmo

Fireborn Publishing's 2nd Qtr BESTSELLING AUTHORS
1. Edward Kendrick
2. Hurri Cosmo
3. Brenna Lyons
4. Pelaam 

5. Shawn H. Bailey

12 August 2016

NEW FREE READ from Fireborn Publishing!

Undead Underway (Undead in Blue #1) by Brenna Lyons
comedy horror
10578 words, 65 pages

The black tube of death never seemed a more appropriate name. When Clueless (Lt. JG Cluze) stumbled back from shore leave above the Arctic Circle, little did Petty Officer Len know that the life-sucking US Navy submarine was about to be overrun by blood-suckers. Full of irreverent humor, it's military horror told from the point of view of a Nuke submariner.

CONTENT ADVISORY: This is a re-release title.

26 July 2016

And this week in the publishing industry...pen names...again

A certain young man wrote a blog post in which he makes a lot of decent points I agree with...to some extent. 

Unfortunately, as sometimes happens, this set off a fire storm of people complaining about ANY author who takes a cross-sex pen name, who doesn't tell readers the full and complete truth of themselves... You get the idea. The old "pen name bad"..."author bad"...deal. So, I decided to share my post on the subject.

Should an author have to use a legal name? No. Pen names can be traced back to at least Regency era...and probably earlier. Heck, it's even legal for people to copyright their work to the pen name, to file a DBA (Doing Business As) so you can get a bank account and PO Box in the pen name... It's common business practice to use one, if you want to.

It's no one's business why someone HAS a pen name. I've seen authors take them to avoid being fired from businesses that have Draconian rules about writing, to avoid being skewered for writing horror or romance or (God forbid!) erotic work in their Bible Belt areas, to avoid stalkers, to separate genres they write, because their original pen name or legal name is held up in some ridiculous old contract that says that name can't write for another publishing house, because their own names match a personality or well-known writer they don't want to be confused with, or even because their own names are hard to spell and pronounce and are not memorable. Pen names solve many issues.

Moreover, there are still some biases, especially in conglomerate press, when (for instance) a man writes romance or a woman writes hard science fiction. Or, in some circles, women who write MM. Rolling eyes. Even when you luck out and find reasonable publishers who don't care (and some still have the dinosaur editors who do), some authors have built up an audience over decades with a cross-genre name, from back when it mattered more, and do not want to change now. A good example was a gent I met who worked for Harlequin under a female pen name for well over a decade and was afraid he would lose his audience if he published under his own name and outed himself. It's a valid point, IMO.

Should the person have to tell you their real sex? No. See above for one good example why. We could get into James Tiptree, but let's stay in this century for a bit. Remember that Rowling was told to use her initials to hide that she was female, or she would have no audience for Harry Potter, since it was a YA with a male lead, and she was a female author. Beyond all the things I've said so far, I've seen trans authors who were skewered for presenting themselves as their own identity (IOW, the one they live and present as at all times). To me, this smacks of bigotry and nothing more. This person has M on IDs, has a male name, presents as a male...but we're going to call him a female to complain about the pen name? In a sentence to show my disgust... Some people need to grow up.

Should you have to tell the full and complete truth in your bio? No. Bear with me here. I'm NOT saying to claim you won awards you didn't or have degrees or experiences you don't or something similar. And don't put yourself out of your depth; stick with things that are essentially true or close to the truth. For consideration, if you live in a small town in the Bible Belt and need to hide that? Don't say you live there. Say you live in a large town closeby. Somewhere you've visited often and can find your way around. Or say you live where you were born and raised. You don't want to give enough information for someone to figure out where you work? Say you hold a job (no details like company) that you actually HAVE held in the past. You live with your two kids, and you don't want some nutter coming after your kids or trying to use them to find you? There's nothing wrong with saying you take long walks with your dog, which you still do, and not mention the family. There's nothing wrong with any of this.

Is it okay to use a fake picture? This one is stickier. DO NOT use pictures of someone without their express permission to do so, and take NEW pictures of them, so people can't Google that precise picture. Why is this permissible at all? Seriously? Conglomerate press has been doing this for decades or more, hiring on models to "be" the author for photos, and no one complained before now. Some people are private. I don't begrudge them having a fake picture, but do something like getting your spouse or a friend to agree to be your model, for pities sake.

Now, mind you that this limits your ability to do personal appearances, but it doesn't KILL it. Remember the Harlequin author I mentioned? He had his wife be his public face in pictures. When he did signings, he would sit at the table with her, playing the role of her husband and biggest fan, to answer any questions she couldn't remember off the bat. She "officially" was the author for the signing. It worked well for them, and readers still got to meet the "author", in a manner of speaking. Personally, I wouldn't feel catfished at all, in such a situation. He wasn't given a lot of options when he started out.

CAVEAT... I'm thinking of the so-called "autobiography" by James Frey (A Million Little Pieces?) that caused a stink several years ago. If you are writing something that is supposed to be TRUE, don't outright lie. It should be common sense, but it seems it's not. Now, in the case in question, people tend to forget that the only way the publisher would sign the book was if they billed it as autobiography and not as fiction, so they forced the issue of the fake sex and history. That is completely unethical, of course.

Oh...and if you don't want to use a photo of yourself on social media, use one of your book covers...or switch your book covers off once in a while. Or use a picture of your cat or dog (especially if you write children's/YA books about animals). Or use a piece of artwork made by a friend...with proper permission and attribution, of course. There are ways to make it clear you are not the photo you are displaying.  

17 July 2016

Our newest ARe Bestseller!

Our newest ARe Bestseller!
Her Christmas Wolves (Werewolf U V) by Brenna Lyons
paranormal menage MFM erotic romance
12086 words, 63 pages
$0.99 in ebook

Talia has known her mates for the last three and a half years, but she's avoided finalizing their mating. By the grace of the Night Mother, Talia hasn't had to face her mates while she's been in heat...until now. It's Christmas Eve, and everyone is celebrating their new matings at the Alphas' holiday gathering. The time has come for Talia's mates to claim what is theirs. But, can they convince Talia her reservations about mating are unfounded?

CONTENT ADVISORY: This short story is intended for readers already familiar with the Werewolf U series. To those not familiar, it may seem confusing and/or abrupt.

15 July 2016

NEW series releases!

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Happy reading!

13 July 2016


Her Christmas Wolves (Werewolf U V) by Brenna Lyons
paranormal menage MFM erotic romance
12086 words, 63 pages
$0.99 in ebook

Evan and Eric have been patient, wolves waiting for the moment to act. Now that Talia is in heat...and in the same place they are, it's time to pounce.

Talia has known her mates for the last three and a half years, but she's avoided finalizing their mating. By the grace of the Night Mother, Talia hasn't had to face her mates while she's been in heat...until now. It's Christmas Eve, and everyone is celebrating their new matings at the Alphas' holiday gathering. The time has come for Talia's mates to claim what is theirs. But, can they convince Talia her reservations about mating are unfounded?

CONTENT ADVISORY: This short story is intended for readers already familiar with the Werewolf U series. To those not familiar, it may seem confusing and/or abrupt.


Talia stopped to take a calming breath, cursing her state silently. It was the day before Christmas and her traitor body chose now to go into heat.

It's not bad enough that I'm halfway through my final year of uni and am dreading the duties of my job to come instead of looking forward to them like everyone else. It's not bad enough that it seems everyone is settled with their mates, while I'm still unsettled. It's not bad enough that I don't know what I am. Now this?

A questioning yelp brought her head up, and she scowled at Lawrence, one of her two Husky companions. As if she agreed with Talia's annoyance, Gracie nipped at her mate, then huffed. Lawrence licked at Gracie's face, and she begrudgingly returned the gesture.

Mate. Gracie had it lucky. One female. One male. Not multiple mates to deal with. No animal-human instinct confusion. No loathsome duties to perform for the majority of her life.

Talia, on the other hand, had all three. In abundance. She was a cross-bred human-wolf, but she further had been born to a life of duty and had two horny males waiting for her inside the house. Two horny males, who won't hesitate once they scent I'm in heat.

If only I was so sure. About anything.

She silenced the errant voice that proclaimed she didn't want them to hesitate. She wanted Evan and Eric to pounce, lick, suck, and fuck her into a pup or two.

If only it were that easy. If only there were no feelings involved.

Stop it! Wishing doesn't change things.

So far, she'd been lucky. Talia had known from the first time she laid eyes on the brothers that she wanted to sink her teeth deep. She'd managed to avoid being in the same place with them when she was in heat for three and a half years.

Time has run out.

That fact didn't speed her toward the house. Talia ambled along, considering how best to approach her mates. She wasted time, taking out the long, dangling diamond earrings that matched the pins in her hair.

She considered throwing them toward the woods, then tucked them into her coat pocket instead. I hate these things, but there's no cause to waste them that way.

If I hate them, why do I wear them?

It was a nonsensical question. Josephine sets my jewelry out with my clothing, and I wear them. Like everything else in her life, it was expected. She dressed the part, accessorized to her role, and played the 'pampered princess' to the hilt. Her teeth sprouted at her irritation with that fact, and Talia forced them back.

You're a princess. Always keep your composure.

Her thoughts returned to her mates. They don't have to be a duty. I want them.

But I'm a duty to them.

Am I?

As if in answer, they exited the house together and made a beeline for her, intent as she hadn't seen them since the first night they spent together, loving in her suite at school. The sight left her weak in the knees.

Talia stiffened her spine and planted her feet. I am the primary Alpha daughter. I run from no man and no wolf.

25 June 2016

06 June 2016


Relentless Passion (Relentless Series #1) by AJ Llewellyn
gay contemporary erotic romance
27158 words, 143 pages
$2.99 in ebook
RELEASING- 10 June 2016

On a sun-kissed Italian island, twins Zeca and Alex learn that in order to love, they need to become relentless.

Twins Alex and Zeca love to switch identities. It's harmless fun until Alex wants to date a hot tourist visiting their home of Capri, and asks Zeca to take his place on a date with Alex's current beau, Antonio.

After a day in Antonio's arms--followed by a long, lusty weekend in his bed during a trip to Naples--Zeca discovers switching places with Alex isn't so harmless after all. Especially when he realizes he's falling hard for his brother's boyfriend.

While struggling with his feelings for Antonio, consoling his semi-celebrity father (who's having woman troubles) and trying not to upset Alex (who might be in love with Antonio...or his tourist tryst...or maybe the neighbor lady), Zeca wonders how any of them will make it through all the relationship woes with hearts intact. As Antonio says, "Love has a way of fixing things itself."

CONTENT ADVISORY: This is a re-release title.

Daddy by Default by Shawn Bailey
gay contemporary sensual romance
20053 words, 113 pages
$1.99 in ebook
RELEASING- 17 June 2016

Derek Webster is raising his six month old nephew, Jaden. He meets Chance Richards, a guy Derek wants to have a future with. But Derek fears Chance will leave when he finds out Derek comes with a ready-made family.

Derek Webster's world gets turned upside down when his nineteen-year-old pregnant sister, Ashlynn, is injured in a car accident. The doctors manage to save the infant, but Ashlynn succumbs to her injures. Derek becomes guardian to his nephew and discovers it leaves him little or no time to socialize.

Chance Richards is at the top of his game. He has a job he loves and a loving family. The only thing he lacks is a serious relationship. He meets Derek, a young man with a gorgeous soul and a six-month old baby. The two of them may be happy together, or Chance's fears and vulnerabilities about the future can put an end to them before their relationship starts.

20 May 2016

1st Quarter Bestsellers at Fireborn Publishing!

1. The Element Case by Edward Kendrick

3. One Last Kiss Goodbye by N.J. Nielsen

4. Destiny & Dragons by LM Brown

5. Harder & Harder to Breathe by N.J. Nielsen

6. Werewolf U by Brenna Lyons

7. Off on the Wrong Foot by Edward Kendrick

8. Uncanny Activity by Edward Kendrick

9. Death, Love & Wednesdays by Edward Kendrick

10. Leap of Faith by Cheyenne Meadows

Kudos to all!

30 April 2016


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