21 September 2015

Brenna's October Release Bash!

It's that time of year again...time for Brenna to celebrate her October release bash. This year is a banner year. Also, because all the books are coming out from Fireborn Publishing, they will all be eligible for the Anniversary sales in October.

In addition to her new release, Werewolf U, on October 23rd....

Brenna now has permission to bring out a bunch of her old Mundania/Phaze ebooks as print titles with Fireborn Publishing. These should all be releasing between the 1st and 7th of October! The list includes...

Night Warriors (Night Warriors, Warriors #1)

Will of the Stone (Night Warriors, Warriors #2)

Bearing Armen (Night Warriors, Warriors #3)- includes Bearing Armen, The Warrior's Man, and Damsel in Distress

Hunter's Moon (Night Warriors, Warriors #4)

Veriel's Tales I:  Crossbearer Turned (Night Warriors, Beasts #1)

Veriel's Tales II: Losing Regana (Night Warriors, Beasts #2)

The Blutjagdfrau Chronicles (Night Warriors, Histories #1)- includes Choosing a Mate, Starting a War, Blutjagdfrau Lost, and Raised to Be His Own

Bride Ball- includes Bride Ball and Poison, Lies and No-Win Choices

Fire and Ice- includes Magmon's Hunger and Magmon's Lover

Lovers' Kiss Anthology- includes A Safe Heart, The Color of Love, Overtime Pay, and May the Best Man Win

Monsters & Mayhem Anthology- includes The Tether, Welcome to Hell, Birthright, A Wasted Mind, One-Hour Burial, Once in a Blue Moon, Stay with Me, The Punishment of Phoebus Apollo, Trick or Treat, Anima Ex Machina, Phantom Dreams

Paranormal Paramours Anthology- includes Nevermore, Black Sail, Enslaved, Animal Instincts, Foundling, A Perfect Record, Sweeter than Honey, When She Was Good, Fates Magic, We Shall Live Again, and And It Was Good

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