06 January 2008

Predators and Editors is open for business!

And I'm holding a special contest, in conjunction with it. How do you enter? Forward to me (with headers attached) one of the confirmation e-mails from P&E (proof that you voted in it), and be entered to win a print copy of Coming Together: Under Fire! Please use brennalyons2 @ comcast (dot) net to forward. That will keep all entries in the same place.

What are the ground rules?

You are allowed one vote per category for each e-mail address used, so if you and a roomie or spouse both wanted to vote, you could, if you use different e-mail addresses to do it. Remember that you have to click the link on ONE e-mail they send you to validate all votes from that e-mail address. This does not place you on mailing lists or anything. It's just for voting purposes.

You can find the voting pages at

Thanks for voting, no matter who you vote for. And, no...the e-mail you forward to me will NOT tell me whether or not you voted for me. I'll welcome all comers for this contest.

Disclaimer: By entering this contest, you agree that you are 18 years or older and allowed, by law, to receive erotic content. Minors are not permitted to enter.