29 June 2010

New Review!


"I loved this book. I was sort of expecting some cheesy romance story about an innocent girl falling for her late fiancé's older and more handsome brother, but I got much more than I bargained for. I was very surprised by the depth in Robin; she isn't just an innocent girl who's been repressing her feelings. She is a strong willed woman who knows what she wants in and out of the bedroom and is not afraid to go after it. She is a portrayal of courage all throughout this story, first by sticking with the one she loves even though he didn't exactly satisfy her sex-wise, and later by going against all reason just to find happiness again. I loved the development of the story also, it was very well paced, the dialogue is rich and witty, and the sex scenes are sizzling. This story is a great addition to erotica." Reviewed by Athena for The Romance Studio 4 Hearts!

CAVEAT: Athena pointed out that she would have liked to see more from the Carson family (the secondary characters). There are currently two more stories from the family WIP. Les hasn't decided to speak to me yet about his lady, but Neil and Barb have...and so have Neil and Les's younger sister, Samantha, who we haven't met yet. Don't worry. There's plenty more to come from Carson Cousins.

27 June 2010

New Reviews!


"A supernatural romp of delightful proportions, Nevermore is a truly captivating glimpse of a truly magical world. The line between love and hate is drawn, crossed and re-crossed as the battle lines are drawn between the werewolf and his mate, mortal enemies drawn together by the magic of their world. Short, but sweet, the level of emotion in this short interlude is unexpectedly profound in its brevity. Surprisingly well drawn." Reviewed by Stacey for Manic Reviews 4.5 stars! Featured review!


"The elements of fire and ice collide in “Magmon’s Hunger.” Ms. Lyons does a fantastic job in building this world and the characters within it. Like a movie, this story unfolds before the reader in great detail." Reviewed by Angelique for Happily Ever After Reviews 3 Cups!

CAVEAT: Angelique continues on to caution that she finds the book "unbalanced," because it shows very little about Diama until she meets Kar but follows Karliss through life. This is undeniably true. As my web site and the publisher's site state, this book is not my typical erotic romance. It has a romance in it and has a HEA, but the book is fantasy erotica and follows Karliss on his life toward a future he's been denied knowledge of...Diama. Please, be aware this is the case. Likewise, the second book in this series will follow a young noblewoman Kar trained to her HEA with another. This series is NOT strictly a romance series and will have this unbalanced feel.


"In less than 24 hours, after reading the prologue and first chapter of Written in the Stars, I tumbled madly in love with the fantasy genre. It was easy. As engrossed in this electrifying tale of loss, love, and second chances as I was, it became harder to pull away from it long enough to attend a visitor. To defend my lapse as a hostess, I’m not the first to refuse to be yanked away from a good book! With writing this original and out of this world, the visitor didn’t stand a chance! Written in the Stars is fantasy romance at its finest; an example of how much the fantasy genre has evolved with more room to expand. Everything I enjoy most about fantasy and narrative is right here! Loads of angst and action offset by strong, complex characters immersed in a web of mystical intrigue. The entire story will knock your stellar socks off! The author’s delivery is brilliant, always leaving you on edge as the plot gives way to action, forcing the narrative to gain ground until everything comes together in a Twelfth Night finessed finale. Now you understand why I was relentless in finishing it. It’s worth every magical, sensuous moment, I guarantee. This sparkling gem of a novella is sure to bedazzle you, so put it on your spring/summer reading list." Reviewed by Patrice F. for Joyfully Reviewed Joyfully Recommended Read!


"Ms Lyon’s has penned a story of sacrifice, fear, trust and redemption. I enjoyed every magical word. Galon is a tortured soul. More than desperate need for physical love, he needs someone who understands his secret yearnings and desires. Anzel, charmed by the young Mage, offers him sanctuary and with each touch, love. But Galon’s physical scars reveal the severity of his emotional damage. Can he believe in Anzel, trust in him to share a life not filled with pain? Read His Master’s Lover to discover how love can heal the most broken of men." Reviewed by Romancereader for Seriously Reviewed Story 8.5 out of 10, Presentation 8.5 out of 10


"Cruelty and revenge engage in a fatal dance, and the innocent need protection from ruthless ambition, and even the most powerful fall victim to cunning and greed. Brenna Lyons delves further into secrets and betrayals past [in] this wicked futuristic-fantasy cocktail. For newbies, it’s twice as effective if they’ve read the prequel, though not necessary. This tale captivates because it spins an intriguing combo of sexual heat and lots of angst in excess, all tied into emotion, and a narrative that seduces the imagination through every stage. Just remember this isn’t the Cinderella story made famous by the Grimm Brothers and the silver screen. It’s something with one foot stretched into the real world, our present societal ills on full display. Everything is reconstructed for adult readers (like me!) who enjoy their erotic romance tied up with a big bow of creativity that’s edgier, darker, and bolstered by a grown-up twist." Reviewed by Patrice F. for Joyfully Reviewed


"Deception, betrayal, and humans with fantastic powers fill the pages of this new story from Brenna Lyons. Once again, Lyons has created a fantastic world filled with vivid imagery and endearing characters. This is a great short story that shows the wonderful talent that Brenna possesses." Reviewed by Cassie for Bitten by Books 4 Tombstones!

CAVEAT: For some reason, the review shows the old cover art from the original NCP release of the story in the anthology ULTIMATE WARRIORS. We have requested a change to the correct art, and I'm not certain how they picked up the old art, but the review is a great one! Thanks to BBB.


"Tygers was an interesting book to read. In the beginning, I wasn’t sure what or who was real, a ghost, a figment of a child’s imagination, or an overreaction. I have to say that that’s what made this novel. The characters are all tied up emotionally and mentally by first the mysterious Ty (who we don’t really know exists or not or who he is) and then by Carol’s abusive husband. The story is intense and detailed. This is a true fantasy novel that will have you aching for our poor heroine. Actually, the one I felt the worse for was poor Keith. Keith has been in love with Katie for the last couple decades and he’s being drawn in head first in to the crazy psychic world of Katie and Kyle’s tigers. This is a great book, and Lyons has a wonderful way with situations and characters." Reviewed by Booktaster for Bitten by Books 4.5 Tomstones!


"Brenna Lyons has delivered a futuristic psychic fantasy that not only captivated me from the start, but also opened my mind to the possibilities of this truly happening in our not-so-distant future. I was pleasantly surprised when I got to the meat of this story; the futuristic fantasy genre is not always my preference, but this one is sure to be one of my tops in this category. The characters’ strength and determination in their fight to be with each other as well as their devotion to finding out and reporting the truth about the deceit and corruption found in the upper offices of the government agencies was brilliant and gave the book heart which set it apart from the rest. This book was full of excitement, romance, sex and blended it with a bit of psychic superheroes that joined together to defeat the bad men (think X-men with a lot more steamy love scenes)." Reviewed by Hockeyvamp for Bitten By Books 4.5 Tombstones!


"What would happen if a vampire got loose on a nuclear submarine? This story is a first person perspective account of just that. Petty Officer Bob Leonard is the storyteller in this terrific tale. This short story by Brenna Lyons is a descriptive and interesting romp through the world of the vampire. With enough humor and levity to keep the nightmares at bay, this story is a great read." Reviewed by Cassie for Bitten By Books 4 Tombstones!


"This anthology shows gives readers a glimpse into the ever interesting and always terrifying world of the undead. Including stories by Brenna Lyons, T. L. Ryder and Terri Pray, this volume takes the undead to a new level. Comfort Food is a very descriptive story with an interesting take on the traditional zombie story. Human Touch- Vividly descriptive and fun, this story is a great read. Long Odds- Once again, Brenna Lyons has woven a tale of intrigue and surprise that is a great page turner." Reviewed by Cassie for Bitten By Books 3.5 Tombstones!


"First things first. This is one scorching little story that will have you thinking of cops and handcuffs in a whole new way — a naughty and delicious way. Brenna Lyons loosely bases Three Wishes on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale “The Three Little Men In The Wood”. The story is also reminiscent of “Cinderella”, with Ellie being terrorized and relegated to a second-class citizen in her own home by a wicked stepmother and stepsister. The characters are interesting and the plot erotically charged while still remaining true to the dark and macabre nature of fairy tales." Reviewed by Brit for Bitten by Books 3.5 Tombstones!


"This story is the perfect example of how people twist the word of God to accommodate their own beliefs and actions, and everyone from the most devout Christian to sadistic cult leaders and terrorists are guilty. This actually makes my skin crawl more than the most vicious horror novels. Eve seems like a good person, if maybe a little too naïve, but her maturity and awareness grow throughout this story. I also enjoy the fact that Román is not completely innocent, but has those human flaws that we can all relate to." Reviewed by Lototy for
Coffee Time Romance & More 3 cups!

CAVEAT: This is one reviewer that gets it! The truth is that this book is not technically a romance either. Dark romance? Yes. Absolutely. This is a tale of revenge, loss of innocence, corruption, and murder. If you're looking for a romance book, this is not your typical fare.

Update on travel to EPICon 2011

As I said on the site, there are many local airports. Some people have only been checking the closest one and finding high fares, because Newport News/Williamsburg is a small regional airport. If your airfares into that airport are outrageous, as some people are finding, be sure to check out Norfolk Airport (which is an International Airport, though a small one), Richmond Airport, or the two Washington, DC airports (Dulles and Reagan). To be blunt, my ticket into Norfolk comes in at almost $100 cheaper than a ticket into NPN/W, but others have seen MUCH lower rates at other airports than I have.

The same coach company we have serving NPN/W also serves Norfolk and Richmond, for a higher rate. You can still use our EPICon page to reserve, but be sure to put in the other airport. If you don't wish to rent a car at Norfolk for the hour or so drive to the hotel, this is a viable alternative, and if the ticket is considerably less at one of those airports, it would be well worth it to take the coach that far.

Dulles is about 2-3.5 hours (in moderate traffic) from the hotel, and Reagan is a bit further, but not horribly so. It's a rental car type of thing, definitely.

To anyone that wants to take a bus or train, the station is very close to the hotel, and there is a cab stand right outside that can get you to the hotel. If you're driving in, there is free parking at the hotel.


EPICon 2011 is open for registration!

The EPICon site is now 100% up and running, and everyone (member or not) is welcome to register! Please feel free to forward this message...

Brenna Lyons
EPICon 2011 co-chair

The 12th Annual EPICon™ Goes Colonial

EPICon™, hosted by EPIC - Electronically Published Internet Connection™, has opened registrations for their 12th annual industry convention. The convention will be held March 10th-13th, 2011 at the Williamsburg Woodlands Hotel and Convention Center in Colonial Williamsburg, VA.

Why should you consider coming to EPICon?

* Two days of workshops in everything from genre writing to the business of ePublishing, marketing, and IP law, including a class on writing love scenes by NY Times bestseller Angela Knight and a two-hour class on hostage negotiation by veteran police officer Michael Woodcock.

*Affordable pricing! Early EPIC member registrants this year (those who register before October 31st, 2010) will pay $190 for the three-day convention, and non-members will pay just $30 more. The cost includes most meals from the Thursday evening mixer through the Sunday morning breakfast. In addition, the convention has special rates for family members who are just eating convention meals but not attending classes, middle school through college students, teachers attending the convention, and even a deal for three-day passes into the historic district. The convention hotel rate is $109 per night (single or double occupancy), and a suite is just $129.

* A convention that not only offers meal choices at all non-buffet meals but also works with food aversions, allergies, and other concerns.

* A full list of promo opportunities for authors, publishers, and agents. Pitch sessions will be arranged with agents and editors interested in giving them, as well as underwriting for meet and greets held at the convention.

* Free Wi-Fi in all hotel rooms and convention areas.

* All profits from the hotel and historic site passes go to support the Colonial Williamsburg educational efforts.

* Convention materials on CD instead of the bulky old 3-ring binder!

* Something for everyone, from the unpublished author to the published, from industry members to teachers and students.

Registration for the 2011 convention is at http://www.epicon-conference.com/ EPICon is using technology to its full advantage. For those that don’t want to do everything by phone, the entire process--from registering for the convention and making reservations at the hotel to arranging for the airport shuttle and choosing meals--can be accomplished online this year.

Contact: Lisa Brennan-Webb, Convention Chair
Email: epiconchair2011@yahoo.com

Q&A for the EPIC eBook Awards!

Did you release a book in eBook formats between June 1, 2009 and May 30, 2010? Want to know how to enter the longest-standing and most-inclusive eBook contest around? Have questions about the rules that aren't covered by the FAQ? Want to see what has changed this year? It's all in one convenient place!

A Q&A period about entering the EPIC eBook Competition (formerly called EPPIE) will be held on the eWorkshop group from June 29th through July 10th, 2010. The sessions will be hosted by members of the competition committee. Everyone is welcome (member and not). Just sign onto the list at this link before the Q&A period starts.

The contest will be open for entries from July 15th-August 15th this year, so start thinking about what you want to enter, and may we all have a prosperous year.Permission to pass this message along granted.

22 June 2010

NEW RELEASE from a new world! PG-13-rated excerpt

Magmon's Hunger- The peace between the Furian and Frial peoples has lasted for millennia, though they are opposites in nearly every way.

Situated between the southern volcanic ring and the temperate border, the Furian people worship Magmon, god of fire and passion. They are ruled by a monarchy and a noble class.

Situated between the polar ice of the north and the temperate border, the Frial nation worship Frilan, goddess of ice. They are ruled by the god vessel, a young woman called the Ician.

Every cen-centential the peace is renegotiated. The cen-centential is approaching, but one little thing has to happen first. While the Ician is embodied every generation for her people, the He-Atal (Magmon's god vessel) appears on the face of the world only for the cen-centenial. He is conceived on the Dragon God's feast day, born in fire, trained by the priests to control his hungers and sent to the Ician with one goal and one goal only...seduce a frigid woman.
HEA-yes/erotica and erotic romance mixed, VIOLENCE-none, LANGUAGE-graphic, SEX-erotic
Purchase link

“Master Elb! Come quickly.”

He turned to the young priest in surprise, noting Ronat’s upset. Perhaps not. It appears to be excitement. “Yes, Ronat?”

“Selan Senior has sent for you, and she bids you come with all due haste.”
Elb rose from the fireside, donning the cowled cloak he wore over his floor-length robes when he had to walk the wintery streets of Aidalyn, Furia’s capitol city. He strode into the corridor, glancing to Ronat as the young priest joined him.

“Where are we going?” Elb asked.

“Selan Senior’s coach waits. There is no time to prepare your own.”

No time? That meant it was urgent. “What is the emergency? Tell me.”

“Lord Jaygin’s wife is laboring.”

“Badly,” he surmised. If it was going well, Selan would have no need of him. Elb winced at the idea of them losing a member of the royal family.

The glee in Ronat’s voice was impossible to miss. “She fevers, Master.”

Elb’s heart stuttered at the possibility that the He-Atal was upon them. Every priest and priestess had been watching for the signs for nearly two years, but Elb had never dreamed he would be blessed with the find. “Are the signs right?”

“The fever came suddenly, as labor progressed.” He paused for a moment. “It radiates out from the womb.”

“Magmon lives,” Elb breathed. Or so we hope.

The trip to the younger prince’s home was a whirlwind, and Lord Jaygin himself met Elb at the door. The prince was tense and pale, and he weaved on his feet at the sight of Elb on his porch.

“Magmon sear it,” he choked out. “Elia is dying. Or...my child is?” He looked to Elb for answers the cleric didn’t have to give him.

Elb reached for him, guiding Lord Jaygin to a chair. The other man didn’t fight him, probably steeling himself for shattering news.

“Perhaps not,” Elb soothed the harried young prince.

“Women of a fever--”

“There is another possibility,” Elb informed him.

Lord Jaygin looked up at him, a prayer in his eyes. “Tell me.”

“There is a possibility...slim, I admit...”

“Master, tell me.” His voice took on a cutting edge.

“If your child is touched by Magmon, they may both live and the fever pass with the child.”

Lord Jaygin didn’t respond to that, so Elb continued. “If he is marked by Magmon’s hand, you must let him be trained. It is the will of the Fire God that he do so.”

“Give up my son to the priests of Magmon? I would lose my heir to you?” He visibly fumed at the idea.

“Never. He would train in your home until the age of sixteen, then at the temple in Magmalen, but he would still be your son. There would be holidays, as if he attended preparation for the throne in Volcalen.”

“He would be a priest, then?” the prince asked, seemingly hoping that would be the case.

“Not a priest.” Elb hesitated. He would have to do this carefully. Even lowborn with no hope of better for their sons usually resisted the truth, when it was presented. A prince, facing the possible loss of his heir to Frilan, would balk at what the gods asked. “The cen-centenial approaches.”
Lord Jaygin nodded. “In twenty-eight more--” His eyes went wide, and his color dipped to a sickly gray. “He-Atal? My son is to be the He-Atal?”

Elb sighed. “If the fever is Magmon’s fire, he is. Only time will answer that question. I cannot, until the babe emerges into the world.”

The prince squeezed his eyes shut. “I pray he is. I pray it, because it means he may survive this night.”

“As do I,” Elb assured him. After giving Lord Jaygin hope of it, it would be a disaster to lose either Lady Elia or the child she carried. “May I see them?”

The prince nodded wearily, pushing to his feet. “This way, Master Elb.”

The princess was abed. Her thin bed dress was plastered to her sweat-coated skin, and she was crimson from head to foot. Servants rubbed her down with cloths, and the windows were thrown open to the winter air.

Elb sought out Selan’s panicked face. “You let them do this?” he demanded. Was she mad? If the babe was the He-Atal, he would be consumed by Magmon’s fire and in need of a warm welcome.

“I could not stop them,” she protested.

He nodded, waving a servant away from Lady Elia’s side. He motioned the girl toward the windows. “Dragon’s fire, close them,” he ordered.

The servant looked to Lord Jaygin, visibly torn between the orders of the clergy and those of her liege and his advisors in such matters.

“Close them,” the prince rasped. “Do whatever Master Elb orders. Magmon sear my soul if I am wrong.”

“And mine,” Elb answered.

Lady Elia muttered words too low to hear. Elb sank to the mattress next to her, lowering his ear to within a hand’s width of her mouth. He gasped in surprise at her recitation of the birth of Magmon in ancient Seh, the gods’ language. No one but the priests and priestesses of Magmon and the priestesses of Frilan spoke Seh. No one else even had the opportunity to learn it, save the Ician and the He-Atal.

He laid a hand on her burning forehead, matching her cadence.

“Magmon’s fire,” Selan cursed. “Do not stop, Master Elb. The babe is coming fast.”

Lady Elia’s voice broke, coming in gasps and panted breaths, skipping phrases and matching Elb’s recitation when she picked up again.

“What is she saying?” Lord Jaygin asked.

Selan answered, a sure sign that she recognized Elb couldn’t risk interrupting the chant to do so. “It is the birth song of Magmon.”

The chill of the room cut through Elb’s concentration. Magmon sear it! The He-Atal couldn’t be brought forth into this icy room.

He snapped the fingers of his free hand for attention. He pointed to the main hearth and motioned upward, not missing a beat in the recitation. He looped through smoothly and began the song again, his voice growing stronger.

“Bonfires,” Selan barked. “Light them now. Use wax and oil to burn it hot and fast, and keep it fed.”

“What?” Lord Jaygin shouted.

“The babe must be warm enough. The shock of this could kill him, after the furnace of the womb.”

“Light them. Dragon’s breath, light the fires!”

Servants scattered, and shouts and confusion followed. Elb ignored them, repeating the song over and over, his voice going hoarse.

The heat in the room rose to a scorching high. Elb dropped his cloak and drew open the fasteners on his robes. It was like the days he’d spent in Magmalen, and he wished he had a native wrap or a priest’s trousers instead of his robes.

The princess launched up, crying out in pain, and Elb held her to his chest, shouting the song in a panic. By the Fire God, he prayed he’d done well in preparing the He-Atal’s reception. The gods alone knew what would happen if he’d failed them.

“He’s coming,” Selan cried out. “A few moments more.”

Those moments seemed endless. Selan screamed in pain, and Elb looked to her in surprise, faltering in the song and then matching Lady Elia again. The priestess wasted no time; she grasped a folded cloth and used it to grasp the babe’s protruding shoulder. She rocked the babe, aiding him in his descent.

At last, the princess crumpled against him, her breathing easing, her skin cooling beneath his hands. Elb felt for her pulse, sighing in relief that it was strong and steady.

“Lord Jaygin,” he called.

The prince appeared at his side. “Is she--”

Elb grasped his hand and pulled Lord Jaygin to the mattress behind his wife, guiding her into his arms. “Care for your wife, mi’lord. I must see to the child.”

He slipped past the young royal couple, turning to Selan. His first look at the babe nearly stopped his heard. Wrapped in a nursery quilt and the room akin to an oven, he was still shivering, his lips blue. The young princeling cried weakly and without tears.

The priestess looked to Elb for help, tears rolling down her cheeks. No doubt, she blamed herself for the babe’s condition.

“Screen the fireplace,” he ordered, at a loss for a better idea. He’d never heard of a He-Atal thus afflicted. Perhaps it was the Aidalyn weather. Perhaps it was the cold during labor. Perhaps Magmon’s fire burned hotter at the babe than it had his predecessors. There was no way to know.

That time, the servants didn’t question him. The screen scraped against the hearth and thumped into place.

Elb stripped his robes off and dropped them over the foot of the bed, so he stood only in his male covering. He took the babe from Selan’s hands and settled before the screen, cradling the babe on his crossed knees. The heat seared Elb, reddening his bare skin, but the babe reached out toward it, sighing. His hand mere finger-widths from the screen, he settled to sleep, his color evening out to a healthy hue.

06 June 2010

Truths and Lies Answers and Winners!

My list of lie(s) and truth(s)? Let’s find out what is true or not…

1. I once incited a mutiny...by accident. TRUE- I sent a coded message in a family gram that should have reached Tamer within three days before he hit a port. The Navy decided to extend them for “an indeterminate period of time.” (It ended up being about 10 days extended.) The end result was that one of the chiefs wanted to take Tamer down for mutiny. Thankfully, others had cooler heads.

2. One of my younger sisters has the same name I do. TRUE- One of my younger step-sisters not only has the same first name I do but also the same middle name. We used to walk around in t-shirts that had our names on them and proclaimed us the big sister and the little sister. People did stare. I am, counting all the full, half, and step siblings…the oldest of eight. Thank goodness we never had more than four of us living in a house together.

3. I once played piano for a group that included one of my brothers on drum and one of my sisters on guitar. FALSE- One of my younger sisters does play guitar, but my brother and I only had aspirations of playing instruments. He is an artist, and I am a writer. I could never play more than a few simple songs on the piano.

4. I have removed my bra in a crowd and thrown it to a group of strange men. TRUE…but with good cause!- The gents in question (Ravenspittle at Pennsic…who are undeniably strange, in every meaning of the word) were doing a fundraiser for charity and were donating an amount of money for every woman that would hand over a bra.

Now, mind you, I had even more pressing reasons to strip it from under my clothing in public. The guys from my encampment were fond of storming the ship and needed a diversion. I told them I would arrange such a diversion, so I told the Ravenspittle crew I would donate my bra (good cause) and got their attention on me. Most women just brought one from camp. I reached into my chemise through an arm hole, unhooked it, pulled it off my arms, twirled it over my head (of course, had their UNDIVIDED attention), and let it fly…just as Mungo and the boys came over the starboard side of the ship, weapons drawn. Needless to say, the sailors were unprepared. And needless to say, I bagged backside before they could realize I’d been the diversion.

5. I once broke into a library to return a book by the due date. TRUE- It was the school library. I picked the lock and left the book in the return stack, then locked up behind me. If nothing else, I was considerate.

6. I caused a group manhunt for me that nearly ended up with the police being called in...while playing a game of tag. TRUE- I was about twelve years old or so, and I was on a Girl Scout camping trip. The troop leaders sent us on a snipe hunt, which we all knew was bogus, so we decided to play zombie tag in the woods instead. When it got down to most of the others against me, I turned off my flashlight and tore off into the deeper woods. Eventually, I lost them in the dark. I made my way back to camp, down the mountainside…and found the frantic leaders mounting a search for me. When the others couldn’t find me, they thought I’d been hurt or become lost. Needless to say, they weren’t happy to see me alive…or maybe they were. It was hard to tell.

7. I once told the police that my dog called them. TRUE, but I wasn’t lying.- I had a phone with speed dial that lived on the headboard shelf of my bed. One day, two of the dogs (dog and pup actually) were playing on the bed, knocked the phone off the hook, and accidentally speed dialed 911. The police didn’t believe me at first and kept insisting that there must be someone in the house threatening me and my daughter. Grinning. “No, officer. There is no intruder. Honestly, the dog hit the speed dial.”

Of course, it didn’t help that when they first got there, I had no clue the dogs had knocked the phone down at all. My initial answer was that I thought it was a mistake, because my daughter was an infant, and we were the only two in the house. Then they said all the dispatcher could hear was dogs growling, and it made sense. Big dogs roll around a lot when they are play fighting, and it would be all too easy to knock the phone off the hook.

Now…who are our winners?

CATSLADY was the first one to get it right! You win a $10 gift certificate. Tell me where to, and I’ll get it to you ASAP.

And the drawing winner is…
orelukjp0… Not the right answer, but it didn’t have to be for this contest!

Thank you all for playing along!