27 June 2010

Update on travel to EPICon 2011

As I said on the site, there are many local airports. Some people have only been checking the closest one and finding high fares, because Newport News/Williamsburg is a small regional airport. If your airfares into that airport are outrageous, as some people are finding, be sure to check out Norfolk Airport (which is an International Airport, though a small one), Richmond Airport, or the two Washington, DC airports (Dulles and Reagan). To be blunt, my ticket into Norfolk comes in at almost $100 cheaper than a ticket into NPN/W, but others have seen MUCH lower rates at other airports than I have.

The same coach company we have serving NPN/W also serves Norfolk and Richmond, for a higher rate. You can still use our EPICon page to reserve, but be sure to put in the other airport. If you don't wish to rent a car at Norfolk for the hour or so drive to the hotel, this is a viable alternative, and if the ticket is considerably less at one of those airports, it would be well worth it to take the coach that far.

Dulles is about 2-3.5 hours (in moderate traffic) from the hotel, and Reagan is a bit further, but not horribly so. It's a rental car type of thing, definitely.

To anyone that wants to take a bus or train, the station is very close to the hotel, and there is a cab stand right outside that can get you to the hotel. If you're driving in, there is free parking at the hotel.


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