23 December 2016

FREE first in series...Prophecy Serial!

Prophecy: Revelations by Brenna Lyons
contemporary action paranormal sensual romance
108163 words, 470 pages

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When Joe Connor is hired to protect Kyla Keating, he thinks his boss is insane. Why would Samantha "Gram" Allen hire him to watch and protect a woman she doesn't even know? Gram doesn't even want to know Kyla. She only wants to know two things. Is someone else watching, and does Joe see anything unusual? Joe has no idea how unusual things are about to become. Kyla is the subject of a prophecy, a woman with fantastic powers, an unknown quest, and a ghost guide. She also has a personal army of bodyguards and enemies who will kill her, none of which she is aware of. It is Joe's destiny to love and protect her, but when he has to kidnap her to keep her from being killed, will he ever win back her trust so he can do his job?

CONTENT ADVISORY: This title has a "to be continued" ending and is completed in Prophecy: Rapture.

21 December 2016

FREE first in series...Renegades Series!

TYGERS by Brenna Lyons
contemporary paranormal horror erotic romance
134893 words, 709 pages

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If Katheyn O'Hanlon had one wish, it would be to lead a normal life. If she had a second, it would be a memory of her childhood and the source of her nightmares. Psi-linked to her four-year-old nephew, Kyle Thompson, she is dragged back to the city of her nightmares...Pittsburgh.

Kyle's father has been brutally murdered, and Kyle claims his toy tigers have done the deed, led by Ty, the Siberian. It is up to Katheryn to remember where Tiberius Matthews is and how to destroy him, before he destroys everything she cares about.

Is Kyle haunted by the homicidal family ghost or being driven insane by the horrorscope trapped in the depths of Katheryn's mind? And, can Katheryn keep Keith Randall, an old flame who takes the job of Kyle's counselor, out of the line of fire while she does her work?

CONTENT ADVISORY: This is a re-release title.

15 December 2016

FREE first in series...Werewolf U!

Werewolf U by Brenna Lyons
paranormal shifter MFM menage contemporary erotic romance
38662 words, 210 pages

$3.99 FREE from 12/15/2016 through 12/22/2016 on the following distribution channels:

Samara has been given a full scholarship to Lupi Lucania Universitas Scholarium in Italy. It's a dream come true. The university is one of the best in the world, and she intends to make the most of it. What she doesn't count on is two very distracting brothers who have a different idea of advancing her education than she does.

Usually she-wolves come to the University with full knowledge of Lupine history and traditions. James and Jason will have to teach their little mate everything. Born to a human who refused to take her wolf mate permanently into her life, Samara is nothing like what the duo envisioned...and more than they ever hoped for.

12 December 2016

FREE BOOK! First in series...Urban Grimm!

Catch Me, If You Can (Urban Grimm #1) by Brenna Lyons
action contemporary with paranormal elements sensual romance
18485 words, 125 pages

$0.99 FREE! from 12/12/2016 through 12/18/2016 from the following distribution channels:
Fireborn Publishing
All Romance eBooks

A retelling of the classic Grimm's tale "The Hare and The Hedgehog."

When Angelo Maretti's twin sister is killed by 'family rivals,' the retribution backfires in the form of a mobster who wants to kill Angelo as well. His foe is the last of the culprits left alive, and he will die, God willing...but not by way of a gun. To avoid a war, all of the guilty have to die without a sign of interference by the Marettis.

CONTENT ADVISORY: This is a re-release title.