18 January 2013

Release time!

On cloud nine today, because it's a big release week! I have two releases this week.

First up? TIME CURRENTS from Phaze (already available for download)... For those not familiar with this series, this is the second book in the Kielan series, an offshoot of the Kegin series, via the Council of Worlds. Over the next few Kegin books, you'll start seeing the Keen and Kielan interacting in books together. The first story in the Kielan series is THE LADY'S LOWBORN LOVER.

Lord Sevryn is home for a visit with his intemperate mother and spoiled siblings. Between rants about lowborns, courtesy of his mother, Sev makes a wondrous discovery; one of the maids his mother hired in his absence is his Goddess-destined soulmate.  

Or is she? Bettina is his soulmate, to be sure, but otherwise she's not what she seems. Her reasons for avoiding Sev are complicated. Mates don't hide things from one another, and there is a lot Bettina is hiding. For one thing, she's not lowborn. Raised in the lap of luxury, she decided to run rather than embrace a power that threatens her mind and heart.

And the second? Releasing this evening at 8 pm EST from Silver Publishing...AND IT WAS GOOD. This is a new world for my readers. At the moment, she's a stand-alone, but my readers know I sometimes find more to say and end up with a series.

Blurb for AND IT WAS GOOD:
Raised in the temple by servants and trained daily in sacred technology, the godlings lead a fiercely competitive but pampered lifestyle. Those who are fast, precise, and aloof are worthy of the GODs' continued attention. Those who fail mysteriously disappear.

When an aging GOD-Node must be retired, everything changes. Thrust into close quarters with members of the opposite sex for the first time in their lives, Julee and Staphan's un-GODlike desires may set them up for failure.

Or maybe it will free them to reap rewards beyond their wildest dreams.