27 January 2015

New reviews in!...and news on ebook distribution

"Geoff and Joey and Abby all are very likeable. Seeing both Geoff and Joey try to learn how to love Abby and each other kept me turning the pages. It bothers me that people are so close minded about living a different kind of life than most people. Just because you are gay does not mean you are any different than those who are not. Geoff and Joey became real in my mind because both have had things not so good happen because they were gay. Give this book a chance, I am so glad I did."
Barb for Drue's Random Chatter's Reviews
4 Stars

"The story [is] very enjoyable.  Joey and Geoff have quite a chemistry, and as they fall for each other, the reader falls as well.  Of course, there is some angst, but it’s just enough to move the story along.  The sex between the men is hot and extremely well written.  Little Abby is adorable and sweet and becomes the glue in their relationship.  It’s a quick read, but a significant amount of time passes within the book.  Abby goes from fussy newborn to a happy baby eating Cheerios in her high chair.  Joey and Geoff grow as well, and it was really fun to see. I’ve never read anything from Brenna Lyons, but I intend to check out her other books.  If they’re even half as good as “Unexpected Daddy”, I’ll be reading more from her.  I definitely recommend this one."
Kenna for Cocktails and Books
4 Cocktails

"I liked how this story paced and the way it unfolds. It is completely believable. When you want a fantasy story with a twist I think you would love this one very much.  I know I did."
4 Twinkling Stars from Redz World Reviews

Under the Moon/Final Sword Productions is working on expanded formats for my books with them and then distributing them. First up? This week's distributed book is RENEGADE'S RUN (Renegades Series #2).

25 January 2015

Submissions call from Fireborn Publishing!

Feel free to pass along!

Fireborn Publishing is actively seeking submission of shorter works, 5-20K. We’ve been getting a lot of longer works in, and we need to balance out our schedule.

Pairings: Any. MM, MF, FF, or any manner of ménage or multiple partners is welcome. We could actually use some more ménage and MF, since we’re currently heavy on MM, but we won’t turn away a well-written MM!

Genre: Any. We take everything from contemporary and historical through SF/F/H/P.

Heat level: Any. Though we tend more toward sensual to erotic romance and some romantic erotica, we’re game for most levels of romance and romanTIC work. We signed a traditional-heat-level romantic fantasy the other day.

No-gos: The usual. No bestiality. No incest. No under-aged human characters having sex. No body fluids, save vampires drinking blood. You all know the drill. We can’t take what is illegal to publish in the US or what we can’t distribute.

Royalty rate: 40% net received from all distribution channels. Paid in check or PayPal for US authors or PayPal only for non-US authors, on a quarterly basis.

Term of contract: Two years, with renewal on agreement built into the contract.

Books 20K and below get one of our Fireborn Flash Fiction covers…author’s choice from the page of them.

For more information or to read the contract, please visit our Submissions page at http://www.firebornpublishing.com/Submissions.html and our FAQ page at http://www.firebornpublishing.com/FAQ.html. You can also check out our FFF cover selection on our Art page at http://www.firebornpublishing.com/ArtChoices.html.