27 June 2010

Q&A for the EPIC eBook Awards!

Did you release a book in eBook formats between June 1, 2009 and May 30, 2010? Want to know how to enter the longest-standing and most-inclusive eBook contest around? Have questions about the rules that aren't covered by the FAQ? Want to see what has changed this year? It's all in one convenient place!

A Q&A period about entering the EPIC eBook Competition (formerly called EPPIE) will be held on the eWorkshop group from June 29th through July 10th, 2010. The sessions will be hosted by members of the competition committee. Everyone is welcome (member and not). Just sign onto the list at this link before the Q&A period starts.

The contest will be open for entries from July 15th-August 15th this year, so start thinking about what you want to enter, and may we all have a prosperous year.Permission to pass this message along granted.

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