06 June 2010

Truths and Lies Answers and Winners!

My list of lie(s) and truth(s)? Let’s find out what is true or not…

1. I once incited a mutiny...by accident. TRUE- I sent a coded message in a family gram that should have reached Tamer within three days before he hit a port. The Navy decided to extend them for “an indeterminate period of time.” (It ended up being about 10 days extended.) The end result was that one of the chiefs wanted to take Tamer down for mutiny. Thankfully, others had cooler heads.

2. One of my younger sisters has the same name I do. TRUE- One of my younger step-sisters not only has the same first name I do but also the same middle name. We used to walk around in t-shirts that had our names on them and proclaimed us the big sister and the little sister. People did stare. I am, counting all the full, half, and step siblings…the oldest of eight. Thank goodness we never had more than four of us living in a house together.

3. I once played piano for a group that included one of my brothers on drum and one of my sisters on guitar. FALSE- One of my younger sisters does play guitar, but my brother and I only had aspirations of playing instruments. He is an artist, and I am a writer. I could never play more than a few simple songs on the piano.

4. I have removed my bra in a crowd and thrown it to a group of strange men. TRUE…but with good cause!- The gents in question (Ravenspittle at Pennsic…who are undeniably strange, in every meaning of the word) were doing a fundraiser for charity and were donating an amount of money for every woman that would hand over a bra.

Now, mind you, I had even more pressing reasons to strip it from under my clothing in public. The guys from my encampment were fond of storming the ship and needed a diversion. I told them I would arrange such a diversion, so I told the Ravenspittle crew I would donate my bra (good cause) and got their attention on me. Most women just brought one from camp. I reached into my chemise through an arm hole, unhooked it, pulled it off my arms, twirled it over my head (of course, had their UNDIVIDED attention), and let it fly…just as Mungo and the boys came over the starboard side of the ship, weapons drawn. Needless to say, the sailors were unprepared. And needless to say, I bagged backside before they could realize I’d been the diversion.

5. I once broke into a library to return a book by the due date. TRUE- It was the school library. I picked the lock and left the book in the return stack, then locked up behind me. If nothing else, I was considerate.

6. I caused a group manhunt for me that nearly ended up with the police being called in...while playing a game of tag. TRUE- I was about twelve years old or so, and I was on a Girl Scout camping trip. The troop leaders sent us on a snipe hunt, which we all knew was bogus, so we decided to play zombie tag in the woods instead. When it got down to most of the others against me, I turned off my flashlight and tore off into the deeper woods. Eventually, I lost them in the dark. I made my way back to camp, down the mountainside…and found the frantic leaders mounting a search for me. When the others couldn’t find me, they thought I’d been hurt or become lost. Needless to say, they weren’t happy to see me alive…or maybe they were. It was hard to tell.

7. I once told the police that my dog called them. TRUE, but I wasn’t lying.- I had a phone with speed dial that lived on the headboard shelf of my bed. One day, two of the dogs (dog and pup actually) were playing on the bed, knocked the phone off the hook, and accidentally speed dialed 911. The police didn’t believe me at first and kept insisting that there must be someone in the house threatening me and my daughter. Grinning. “No, officer. There is no intruder. Honestly, the dog hit the speed dial.”

Of course, it didn’t help that when they first got there, I had no clue the dogs had knocked the phone down at all. My initial answer was that I thought it was a mistake, because my daughter was an infant, and we were the only two in the house. Then they said all the dispatcher could hear was dogs growling, and it made sense. Big dogs roll around a lot when they are play fighting, and it would be all too easy to knock the phone off the hook.

Now…who are our winners?

CATSLADY was the first one to get it right! You win a $10 gift certificate. Tell me where to, and I’ll get it to you ASAP.

And the drawing winner is…
orelukjp0… Not the right answer, but it didn’t have to be for this contest!

Thank you all for playing along!



catslady said...

Thanks for the win - I would have said they were all true if you hadn't said one was a lie lol. I sent my info and congrats to the other winner too.

BrennaLyons said...

LOL! I'll look for your email. Thanks for playing!


orelukjp0 said...

Thank you so much for choosing me as one of your winners, even with one wrong. I'll email you with all my info. Thanks once again and congratulations to catslady.