24 December 2007

update from Brenna-Dec07

I got a rejection from the TRAPS anthology with Dark Hart Press (doesn't happen often), but I have another market in mind for the story I wrote and submitted to it, "Welcome to Hell." Actually, I'm sending it to Mundania, for our shorts line. Most of my straight-genre shorts seem to end up there.

On the co-writing front, Greg and I have ONCE UPON A TIME...YESTERDAY in the publisher's hands. At the moment, it's going through first-round edits, and Under The Moon's art department is working on the internal and external designs. It's going to be an 8.5X11", illustrated edition, much as the FORBIDDEN LOVE issues are. Can't wait to see the art.

Speaking of FORBIDDEN LOVE, issue 3, SACRED BANDS, released this month. As you can see, Greg and I are sharing the cover.

In between my jobs as Senior Editor of Mundania Press, President of EPIC and teaching, I've been overseeing two categories in the EPPIE, entering contests and editing up a storm.

I've finaled one book in the EPPIE this year, and the cover for another is an ARIANA winner.

EPPIE 2008 finalist in poetry:
Phaze in Verse, including 3 of my poems

2008 ARIANA winner for Fantasy art:
Niki Browning- Fairy Dreams (written by Brenna Lyons)

NEW OUT THIS WEEK? My story "The Fire God's Woman" released in COMING TOGETHER: UNDER FIRE.

This is a very special endeavor. The Coming Together series started out as an anthology of erotic stories and poetry. Over time, they became charity anthologies. So far, the following ones exist:

Coming Together: Under Fire- Southern California Wildfire Relief Fund and the San Diego Foundation's After-the-Fires 2007 Fund
Coming Together: For The Cure- Susan G. Kohmen Fund/breast cancer
Coming Together: Special Hurricane Edition- Katrina/ Red Cross disaster relief
Coming Together for Gabrielle- premature babies
Coming Together: With Pride- HIV research (coming in 2008)
Coming Together: At Last- Amnesty International (coming in 2009)

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