10 February 2008


It's been a while, so hang on tight for a lot of information at once.

New Release! THE LAST OF FION'S DAUGHTERS is now available in print from
Phaze. It will be coming to Amazon shortly!

New Release! FORBIDDEN LOVE: BAD BOYS is now available in trade paperback from Amazon, in addition to the collector's edition prints from UTM and Amazon.

Coming release! WRITTEN IN THE STARS will be releasing from
Mundania Press, LLC. in late March 2008, available in e-book and trade paperback.

New contracts signed! For those who've been waiting for news,
Mundania Press, LLC. signed the Night Warriors Series books (all nine novels, reprint and new works), and Phaze has accepted the Kegin Series books (all seven, reprints and new works).

New video posted! You can see the Star Mages video on my MySpace page or at

New free reads posted! At AllRomanceeBooks, you'll find the following free reads. Just the thing for a chilly, windy afternoon, like it is around here.

Earth-Born Lord (Kegin Series)- Justin has waited two years to take a Keen bride. Renna isn't waiting a minute longer to be the bride he's always dreamed of.

Graham: Training the Earth-Born Lord (Kegin Series)- Graham came to Kegin in search of a new and better life. The last thing he expected was a tutor in Keen laws that was sex personified.

Stay With Me (paranormal romance)- When one is flesh and the other spirit, sacrifices must be made to avoid being parted by death.

Overtime Pay (contemp erotic)- A couple with a taste for public sex make an unlikely ally aboard a cruise ship.

A Safe Heart (prequel to "The Color of Love")- If there was one thing Michael Justice taught Grace it was that the most important thing in a relationship was a safe heart...so, why does she still think of Michael, when Josh is so safe and comfortable? This is the story of how the hero and heroine of The Color of Love started their tempestuous relationship.

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