03 April 2008

TOO geeky for words

Okay...so, everyone who knows me knows I'm something of a geek. Want to know how severe a geek I am? Picture this...ah, heck...I'll link to it! My second grader decided that "numerals" couldn't possibly mean anything but ROMAN numerals and promptly did her entire homework sheet in said format. I wasn't about to make her redo it, so I sent the teacher an apology on the sheet.

To which...the teacher sent back word to me that she doesn't "know much about Roman numerals." Since she teaches second grade (and the school district doesn't teach it until late third/early fourth grade), she didn't feel the need to learn it. Of course, this is the same teacher that wouldn't put gecko on the list of animals they were making, until I proved it was a real animal. After all, it wasn't in her book of them, so it might be a Pokemon or something. Grinning...

No...I am not making this up. I write fantasy...not dementia. I just live that.

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