18 May 2008

UPDATE Been A While

It's been a while, and I have a lot of news. So, what is there to update everyone on?

To the Kegin lovers! I have the release dates for the next two Kegin novels from Phaze. LAST CHANCE FOR LOVE (which now includes the novella SECOND SON) is releasing in July 2008. RITES OF MATING is releasing in September 2008.
For those who don't recall, LCFL is my Dream Realm finalist from 2003, and ROM is one of my two EPPIE finalists from 2006. Alessia is coordinating the covers with me, and they are looking hot so far.

In addition, "In Her Ladyship's Service" is submitted to COMING TOGETHER: AT LAST (to benefit Amnesty International). I won't know whether or not it made the cut for a few months, but Kegin fans will see it out again, come hook or come crook.

To the Night Warriors lovers! All nine books, new and old, of the Night Warriors world, both Warrior books and Beast books, are signed to Mundania Press. No release dates yet, but that's where you'll see them coming out.

A new world! FATE MAGIC (Fate War Series) has signed to Phaze for their OZ Heat Sheets and will be releasing in October 2008, which makes it my official birthday release of the year. For those new to this, the first book I have scheduled for October each year is my "official" birthday release. The second release in this world, CHAOS MAGIC is WIP (work in progress) at the moment.

A new world! Yes, another one! "Claim Mate" (Born Investigator Series) is submitted to COMING TOGETHER: AGAINST THE ODDS (to benefit Autism Speaks). Again, I won't know if I've made the cut or not for a few months. Mysteries aren't really my strongest suit, but it's a mystery set in space, so I may make an impression. The second from this world, as yet untitled (which you don't hear me say often), is WIP.

As you can probably tell, I support the COMING TOGETHER anthologies, as much as possible. I'm so proud of "The Fire God's Woman," my piece in COMING TOGETHER: UNDER FIRE (to benefit the victims of the SO. CA. Wildfires of 2007).

I'm not an author in COMING TOGETHER: FOR THE CURE, but I have to note that it just took finalist in Next Generation's Indie Book Awards' anthology category and won the erotica category. KUDOS to all the authors involved, the editors, publisher, et. al.

To the Renegades lovers! I don't have any news for you, unfortunately. Last news on both the Renegades Series and my co-authored (with Gregory L. Norris) urban fantasy erotic romance anthology, ONCE UPON A TIME...YESTERDAY, was that they were with the artists for both covers and the internal art. Can't wait to see what they come up with, but I admit to being antsy. I'll let you know as soon as I have a fairly firm date for releases.

Another new sale! "One-Hour Burial," a straight-genre horror story, sold to the PRETTY SCARY anthology, being released late summer by Dark Hart Press. This anthology is all female horror writers.

Another submission! "Comfort Food," a straight-genre horror story, is submitted to the NORTHERN HAUNTS anthology, being released by SHROUD MAGAZINE. This is another charity anthology, benefitting the American Cancer Society. Since three of my dear friends have been affected by cancer in the last few months, this is close to my heart, and I hope I'm accepted to it.


Cate Gardner said...

Good luck with your Northern Haunts submission - have you seen the cover? It's fantastic.

BrennaLyons said...

Just recently. I agree...gorgeous stuff! Can't wait to hear back.