01 January 2009

TWO new releases and more news

It's a bright new year, and I'm starting it with not one but TWO new releases from UTM!

First up... THREE WISHES, the second installment in the Urban Grimms.

Meet Ellie D'Arcy, an orphaned college-student, stuck living with her step-mother and step-sister. She's got nowhere else to go, until she inherits her trust fund at age 25, so she has to put up with Tina and Maria's tempers until then. Or does she? Little known to Ellie, she's due another birthright, a magical one. Unfortunately, three fairy godfathers can wreck a lot of havoc on a person's life.

And, a straight-genre horror collection of zombies from myself, Terri Pray and TL Ryder, titled UNDEAD EMBRACE.

Within these pages you won't find a single 'Brains' uttered from undead lips. Crawl into the mind of one zombie and find out what her preferred choice of food truly is. Do you dare to find out just deeply the love of a mother might run? Find out just what happens when the wrong spice is used during the preparation of a Thanksgiving meal. And - just how can Zombies be of use during a long, boring road trip when you have two young children in the car?

As if that's not news enough, I learned I'm a nominee for Love Romance Cafe's Best of 2008. The nomination went to LAST CHANCE FOR LOVE for Best Sci Fi/Fantasy book for 2008.

Upcoming events?

Jan 15th- CATCH ME, IF YOU CAN (Urban Grimms
1) releases in print. EVIL OVERLORDS' UNION 1 releases in print. (Remember that all e-book releases from UTM release in print about three months later! If you want the print books, hang tight; they're coming!) And...I'll be joining the IWOFA authors in the Romance Reviews Today chat room from 9-11 pm.

Jan 31st- RENEGADES RUN (Renegades book 2) will be releasing in e-book from UTM!

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