27 April 2009

EPPIE is coming up fast!

EPPIE is coming up faster than those familiar with it are counting on! Whether you've entered EPPIE before or not, please read on.

In order to provide quality judging to the number of books EPIC draws with the competition, the EPPIE entry dates are changing this year to allow a longer judging period. As always, the 2010 EPPIE winners will be announced at EPICon, March 2010 in New Orleans. (That's right...NOLA this year. Stay tuned for more information about the great site we have lined up.)

But, the judging will be moved back three months to facilitate the rising number of entries. In 2011 and beyond, the EPPIE eligibility year will run from June 1st through May 31, instead of the October 1st through September 31st entrants are accustomed to.

What does that mean for this coming year? We have to arrange a shortened eligibility period for the 2010 year ONLY! Since e-books released through September 31st, 2008 have already competed in the 2009 EPPIE Awards, the 2010 will ONLY consist of e-books released for sale between October 1st, 2008 and May 31st, 2009.

EPPIE 2010 will open for submissions on July 15th, 2009 and will close Midnight (CST) August 15th, 2009.

Please be prepared for other significant changes in this year's competition. We're redesigning categories, adding categories, and shaking things up to make the 11th year of EPPIE the best yet. Final plans for these changes are expected to be posted June 1st, 2009.

Additionally, there will be an EPPIE entry class on the EPIC-eWorkshop loop on Yahoogroups the second week of June. And the committee is working on a Guide to entering EPPIE for both those familiar with EPPIE of previous years...and those not.

Happy writing and welcome one and all!

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