01 October 2009


It's my birthday month, which means fun for me all month long. I'll be doing chats, interviews, running contests... It's my one all-out month every year, and I don't forget my readers, in the process

Stella Cameron's yearly Scarlet Boa Contest is up and running. This year's theme is "Introducing a Paranormal World." Readers get a taste of upcoming books...or ones already out, and they vote for the winners. Most years, it's just for fun. This year, the winner gets a read from a NY editor. Not a bad little addition to the pot.

Now, my PERSONAL rule is that I never troll for votes. I'm sticking to that, no matter what the prize is. But I'm going to make going to the site and voting for someone fun for you...well, beside reading the excerpts. My entry is between #60 and #70 somewhere. Take a guess which is mine, just for fun. Right or wrong, you'll be entered to win a backlist PDF of choice from me. Voting for first round ends on the 15th, and so does the contest. Just send your guess to brennalyons(at)comcast(dot)net with BOA CONTEST in the subject line. Good luck, and have fun reading the entries! Some good stuff in there every year.


Chris J. said...

Happy Birthday Month!

I picked #62 and that is my guess as well.

Best Wishes!

Chloe Waits said...

Hi Brenna
I have given you one of my "You are a Great Read" award!