04 December 2009

two GREAT new reviews in!

The Lady’s Lowborn Lover takes readers familiar with the Kegin series back to the universe where the Keen (and others) live, love, interact, and trade. Reading this story, I could appreciate the time and skill Brenna Lyons utilizes in bringing the Kielan to vivid life through her characters and their meeting day. Jaesin and Alia’s story is exquisite, intense and erotic while yanking ever so sweetly at the heartstrings. Ms. Lyons incorporates the magical beauty of romance in every sentence, as each scene recalls candid clarity in the quality of her writing through gesture, expression, caress and spoken word. There is no place she is unwilling to take her imagination whenever the alien worlds she’s created are at the forefront ready to take flight.


The Council of Worlds universe [as explored in Time Currents] just keeps on getting better! The narrative drew me into the labyrinthine secrets that proved to be pretty darn complex. Powers or no, the Kielan are their own worst enemies, caught up in systematic, stagnated tradition, lost to the hypocrisy of classism, and defenseless despite their psi powers. The vehicle of change is brilliantly illustrated in Brenna Lyons’ writing without crumbling the story’s herculean foundation supporting plot, premise, and structure. Did I mention the beautiful cover? Mysterious and exquisite, the image succeeds in drawing the eye as easily as the contents engage the mind. Time Currents is a tale that I won’t soon forget for a truckload of reasons. The main one being that I can’t get enough of the Kielan! In the meantime, I remain perfectly happy awaiting more stories about the Keen and discovering the Wolkin.

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