18 February 2010

I don't check Fictionwise stats often but...

BRIDE BALL (a Phaze release, urbanized fairy tale erom, first in the series of the same name) is #1 for Phaze and #7 bestselling in erotic romance on Fictionwise overall! ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU (a LooseId release, contemp romance) is #3 for LooseId on Fictionwise and #36 for erotic romance site wide. And FAIRY DREAMS (a Mundania release, fantasy sensual romance, first in the dan Aidan Fairies series) is back in the top 10 for Mundania at Fictionwise. Maybe I should check more often!



Anonymous said...

I first found you on Fictionwise and fell in love with the Kegin series. When will the next be published? -- by anybody!

BrennaLyons said...

It will be by Phaze. I am finishing up Hunter's Moon from Night Warriors series, and the next Kegin is just after it.