12 January 2011

EPICon(TM) Scheduled Classes for This Year!

Our wonderful class track coordinators, Elizabeth and Ashley, have come up with a great little collection of classes this year.

Friday classes-

The Paranormal: Reality and Myth, Investigation and Investigators, and Equipment Used
Do Your Homework
Researching and Writing Historical Fiction
Point of View- Types, Pros and Cons, Choosing a Head, Head Hopping
More Than Throwing Punches: Writing Great Action Scenes
To Be or Not to Be and Other Editing Quandaries
Angela Knight- Writing Sex Scenes
World Building in Erotic Paranormals/Fantasy/Science Fiction
Sensual/Erotic Publisher Panel
Bringing Pirates to Life
What Editors (Don't) Want to See in A Submission
Social Networking

Saturday classes-

Plotting and Pantsing- Finding Your Writing Style
Savvy Searching for Writers
Mike Woodcock- Hostage Negotiation
Publisher Forum
How hard do you have to work to make history boring?
Manuscript Corsetry: Tighten Up that Story!
Building a Character- Voice, Characteristics, Stereotypes, Archetypes
Bobbin Lace
Leveraging Electronic Publishing in the Standard Publishing World
Promoting: Before and After

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