16 September 2016


The Temptation of Eve (Urban Grimm #3) by Brenna Lyons
action urbanized fairy tale erotic romance
28757 words, 189 pages
$0.99 in ebook

A retelling of the classic Grimm's tale "Snake Leaves."

It's Eve's wedding day to Raul, but something has gone seriously awry. Following a veiled warning from her brother-in-law Roman, the prodigal son who has returned for the wedding, and a drugged wedding night she can barely recall, Eve's life is set on edge. Which brother is lying? Which is protecting her, and which is dangerous to her? Or...are they both?

CONTENT ADVISORY: This is a re-release title.
With Great Power (Grellan War #1) by Brenna Lyons
science fiction political erotic romance
20565 words, 119 pages
$0.99 in ebook

When the Grellan kill Empathen, his son is drafted into service two years early to save him from a similar fate. Twelve years later, Soulchaser is the best of the best. When he encounters a Grellan woman by the name of Starseeker, his carefully cultivated world falls apart. She offers everything he wants and only asks his trust in exchange. Soulchaser wants to trust her, but is she what she seems? What does Starseeker hope to gain? Are his powers right or his training? Trusting Starseeker will either win him his freedom or cost him his life.

CONTENT ADVISORY: This is a re-release title.

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