20 May 2017

NEW RELEASE! The trilogy is now complete!

The trilogy is now complete!
Awakening Camelot (A Wizard's Quest #3) by Dan Wingreen
gay fantasy action romance
142819 words, 681 pages in ebook, 508 pages in print
$5.99 in ebook
$19.99 in print ($15.99 on CreateSpace with coupon code on sale page)- Print releases on Tuesday.

Aidan Collins thinks he knows what it means to go to war--he's wrong. Yet, for his sins, all he's gained is a temporary stalemate. Trapped in a rebel city behind a wall of ice, King Arthur's army regroups and takes its first tentative steps towards self-governance. But winter can't last forever, and wars can't be won by hiding. To find desperately needed allies, Aidan, King Arthur, Aidan's lover Lee, and a mismatched group of rebels and criminals, must undertake a desperate mission across the dangerous Canadian wilderness, a trip that no one has survived in over four hundred years. Even if they succeed, the true evil that rules the United States will still need to be confronted.

Along with the terrible truth that one of them must die if that evil is to be defeated.

CONTENT ADVISORY: This story is the third in a serial trilogy. As such, it should be read after books one in the serial (Awakening Aidan) and two (Awakening Arthur).

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