13 July 2007

More thoughts on RWA

Maya Reynolds, an industry regular and founder of the Passionate Ink chapter of RWA (erotic romance chapter) stood up at the Annual General meeting and suggested that RWA needed to hire new lawyers, if that was the quality of input they were getting from them. First, KUDOS to Maya! She said what many of us were thinking. Were I there to say it myself, I would have done so.

The board further stated: "
After extensive discussion, the Board decided not to add an erotic romance category to the contests due in part to the inherently indefinable nature of erotic romance. Romance entries with highly sensual and sexual content may be entered in any category. General contest instructions to judges for all categories now state that highly sensual and sexual content may be present in their judging panel."

Maya states that she believes it will take erotic authors and publishers agreeing on a single definition and presenting a united front against RWA's obstinance to effect the changes they want. I agree. I cannot agree that the definition that Passionate Ink uses is the right one to rally behind, but my usual readers know this. For more information on one I think we could ultimately agree on, check my post on sensual/erotic/erotica/porn.

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