05 July 2007

WE WON! It's happy dance time!

Spinetinglers, a UK site with 60,000+ readers, recently voted for their 2007 Book of the Year. (My understanding is that books with a 2006 copyright notice are awarded the 2007 award, much as books ending Oct 1 of one year compete in the next year's EPPIE award.) NOBODY: An Anthology of Dark Fiction took the gold! The physical awards are being crafted, as we speak, but I have the icon up.

The anthology contains 18 dark fiction stories (horror, science fiction, fantasy, paranormal dark romance...) from 9 authors. Three of those stories are mine:

Trick or Treat
Phantom Dreams (reworked to fit the PG-13 anthology level)
Anima Ex Machina

In addtion, two of the stories are from my Once Upon A Time, Yesterday co-author, Gregory L. Norris:

Gamblers, Anonymous
The Box of Love and Hatred

I'll post a picutre of the award, when I get it!


Helen said...

Congrats Brenna! I'm always amazed by how much you accomplish as a writer and how well you do it. I'll definitely have to pick up a copy of Nobody for my library. I love a good horror story };)

BrennaLyons said...

Thanks, Helen! The entire book isn't horror, but it's all dark. Some of the stories are downright creepy. Greg's The Box of Love and Hatred will give you chills and/or nightmares. Grinning... Happy reading! Brenna