26 October 2008


It's release day at the Lyons' Den! The re-release of IN HER LADYSHIP'S SERVICE (Kegin 2.5) from Phaze, marks the last of the re-releases from this series. From here on out, it's all new to the readers!

And it's not just another book or two. Kegin lovers will be happy to hear that the series (currently) contains novels in progress for another 6 books: MATCHMAKER'S MISERY, DOUBLE IMAGE, RESTRAINED, ALIEN ENCOUNTERS, A TALE OF THREE DAUGHTERS and SIVRAH MOON.

As regular Kegin readers will know, the books usually consist of 2-3 novellas. For a quick overview of which main characters will be covered in each book, stay tuned; I'll list them in this blog post. For family trees for the core re-bred families, be sure to check the Kegin page on my site.

Now this is going to sound incredibly mean of me, but... For the record, to avoid a major spoiler, there is an error on the family tree. Had to happen, or there'd be no point in you reading ALIEN ENCOUNTERS. There, I told you that a major shake-up is coming in that book, but I didn't want people saying I was countering myself later. Like Rowena Cherry's Djinns, the family trees sometimes get a little complex.

MATCHMAKER'S MISERY- Pilar, Eve and Kyra
DOUBLE IMAGE- Alex the Younger, Diran, Andrew and Gibril
RESTRAINED- Rebecca, Pyter, and Gandl
A TALE OF THREE DAUGHTERS- Caycee, Kylee and Kristee
SIVRAH MOON- Revik, Radin, Lexi and Allie
(as well as appearances by several of Prince Gandl's daughters)

A special treat for readers who loved IN HER LADYSHIP'S SERVICE... A TALE OF THREE DAUGHTERS is all about Jace and Jelise's children!

So, what else is new on the Kegin front? Not much, though Nov 1 marks the release of the first Kegin spin-off series (via the Council of Worlds), Kielan. Kielan will be releasing from Logical-Lust in the UK, but the e-books will be available worldwide, of course. At the moment, Kielan is all short stories and novellas, so there isn't a print release planned, at this time.

I've got a lot of releases coming, both straight-genre and cross-genre. For a full list of coming releases, visit my site. For the immediate calendar (which includes 4 releases between today and Nov 1), check my MySpace calendar!

More updates coming soon!

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