18 November 2008

Interview Time With Pam Kinney

We're back for another author interview. Today's guest is the spectacular Pamela K. Kinney, aka Sapphire Phelan. Pam works for several publishers, including Under The Moon and Phaze.

If you use a pen name, how did you choose it?

The first name is my birthstone. The second I found long a go and is Celtic for ‘wolf’ and I always liked it.

How long have you been writing? How long have you been published?

I have been writing since I was 8-years old. I got published when I was 17-years old, in 1972. This was for three poems in Hyacinths and Biscuits Poetry Magazine.

How long did it take you to publish your first book, once you started looking for an agent or publisher?

I’ve gotten short stories and novellas published as eBooks and in anthologies and magazines, but the first book published (Haunted Richmond, Virginia) took about a year/ year and half? The longest is from the publisher in getting it printed. This wasn’t print on demand.

How long does it take you to write a book?

Depends on the book. If work straight on a novella can be two weeks to a month. A novel I did of 80,000 words took about four months. The nonfiction books I’ve done a month to two months on the bigger one.

What genres do you write?

As Sapphire Phelan, erotic and sweet paranormal, fantasy, urban fantasy and science fiction romance. I also done a sweet historical romance story, couple poems, and couple erotic horror stories. As Pamela K. Kinney, I do horror, science fiction, fantasy, poetry, and nonfiction.

Are there any genres you'd never consider writing in?

BSDM, as not my cuppa. I once considered writing mystery too, but now I feel you have to be good at writing this and be informative in detecting procedures, etc.. . And I don’t feel I could give my best to the genre. Maybe one day, but for now, no.

What's your writing process? (i.e. pantser/organic writer or plotter or mix? write on the computer? longhand? mix? how many passes? etc.)

Pantser, though I do write down about the characters if a long book and maybe a small outside of last three or four chapters on one novel. In the novels, I do have the ending always written. I used to do longhand, but last few years do just the computer now.

What are the strangest conditions you've written under? The strangest place and/or time you've written something?

In a hotel room at a convention. Though years ago I’ve written long hand in school classrooms, in libraries, at the park, etc…

What's the strangest way you've sold a book/story (either to a reader or to a publisher/agent)?

I sold Forbidden Love: Bad Boys to my hairdresser. Plus I took preorders for my nonfiction before it was out at Curve, where I exercise.

If you could choose two authors to be seated between at a signing...or to have your books shelved between in the bookstore, who would they be?

How about three? Stephen King, Nora Roberts, and J K. Rowling. Hay, they would get the fans in and maybe those fans will try me. Plus then maybe I get to talk to them too.

What authors would you most like to meet, past or present? What would you ask them?

Edgar Allan Poe, H. P. Lovecraft, Shirley Jackson, Jim Butcher, Stephen King, J. K. Rowling, Dean Koontz, Ray Bradbury, Madeleine L’Engle, Piers Anthony, J R R Tolkien, Bram Stoker, Nora Roberts, many more. There are many I have met and got to talk to, but many I haven’t or are dead. I met Bradbury, but as a fan at that time. Just ask them what led them to writing and listen to their stories and life. I like to ask Poe why he mad myths up about himself?

How many books do you read in the average month? e-Book or print or both?

I read both, though more print. Not as much as I used to, but maybe 2-4 a month.

What is the funniest or strangest editor/crit request/comment you've encountered?

Gollyl I don’t think I had anything strange or funny. Well, there was one time when I used a name for a race that is the right spelling and the editor told me to get rid of it. I went to a couple of websites and got the links, and sent to her so she could see I was right. That name is in the published work. The strangest now is for the nonfiction I am working on, but what the publisher does want. I am learning to do photo inserts and comments inserts for the first time. Not strange and not funny, but educational for me. :-D

What is your ideal location to write a book, if you had the money to live there or sequester yourself there?

In a comfy little house in the mountains or off the beach. Esp. during the winter time so I won’t be outside all the time instead of writing.

If you could have a book signing anywhere in the world, where would you like to go?

The British Isles, Japan, and New Orleans.

What would you like to own/have that would make your writing faster or smoother? (Yes, you can name everything from computer programs to a personal maid here.)

Personal maid. So don’t have to worry about my house going to pot. More time to write. With real life, I can’t write all the time.

Introvert or extrovert?

Both. I have learned to be an extrovert, otherwise how would I promote? But also an introvert too. I think that has helped me over the years with jobs I held as I can work with people and yet, alone too.

What's the strangest/worst job (outside of publishing) you've held?

Putting in coupons in machines in grocery stores. I did this once a month. And if the machine was bad, you had to replace it.

If you could choose your dream job, besides writing, what would it be?

Acting. I’ve done that for years, just not in past couple years. It’s such a high to be someone else and be involved in working on a film set or on stage for a play.

What's your dream car? Your favorite car you've ever owned?

Lamborghini. The one we have now—Toyota Corolla, though the ’63 Dodge Dart I had back in ’75-’77 was a great car. That was my first car too.

The best bumper stickers you've ever seen? The best you've ever personally had on your vehicle?

The best is the one I have on my car now: Buckle Up! It makes it hard for the aliens to suck you out of your car.

The #1 holiday or birthday gift to purchase for an author is...

A laptop! For big one anyway. For small, a neat pen and notebook to jot down ideas, cool places you been to, and stories in it.

Your favorite leisure activity or vacation spot?

Reading and watching DVDs or going to the movies. I also enjoy going to the beach or the mountains too.

Have you ever included a real experience of your own in a book? Did anyone who knows you notice it?

I wrote a short story, using a real place and people (just changed their nationalities and names). It was accepted and I got paid for it, but the issue of the magazine it was for never got printed as the publisher became seriously ill.

Have you ever included someone who irritated you in the book? As what, and what comeuppance did he/she get?

Yep. Died in a terrible way. LOL

Where do you get your inspiration for a book? How do you get your ideas?

Out of my head (imagination). Most time I sit and think and an idea hits me.

What is the best reader or reviewer comment you've ever received?

The best was when a young boy walked into the bookstore I was signing my nonfiction book with his copy to be signed and to tell me he wanted to meet me. To have his mother who home schools him and his sister say my book was delightful and helpful on the history. In fact, I had a few adults come in with their copies to be signed, wanting to meet me. It is moments like this that makes you feel good about writing. This has also happened to me for my romance books and anthologies I had stories in. These are more precious to me than an professional review.

What does your family think about your writing? How, if they do, do they support you in your writing endeavors?

My husband does support me and is proud. My son too. They have taken my business cards to co-workers or friends to tell when a book is out.

When and where do you do the bulk of your writing?

Right now during the week, during the daytime. I can had have done it at night and on weekends, especially if have a deadline. But during the week, during the daytime is the best. Hubby is at work and no one to distract me.

Do you have animal companions while you write? How do they help or hinder the process?

We have two cats, and one of them comes in once in while to be petted by me, but neither have ever hindered my process. LOL

What's your favorite part of being a writer?

Getting to play in my own worlds.

What's the thing you wish you could hire someone else to do or wish you didn't have to do as a writer?

Housework? LOL

Do you use any special software to write? Voice to text? Audio edits? etc.

I use Word. That’s it.

What advice would you give a new writer?

To keep writing and submitting. There’ll be rejections, but to keep plugging on. Nothing worth having is easy to get. Also join a local writer’s group—even if not for them to help you with your stories, but to be with other writers who understand you is always wonderful.

What are your writing goals? Where do you want to be in a year? Five years?

I like to be a NYC author, maybe a best seller. My goal is to keep writing and submitting and plugging on. I am doing what I always loved to do since I was eight-years old.

Do you belong to a crit group or other writing group? How helpful do you find it?

Yes, to three local ones, plus RWA. One is the most help, the other two second in that. They help see things I might be too close to the story and miss. They are great support groups, as they understand what I am going through, going through it themselves. Those in all groups have become dear friends.

What book, if you have written several books, is your favorite and why?

I am proud of the nonfiction I wrote under the other name, Haunted Richmond, Virginia. But as Sapphire, it will be the upcoming Being Familiar With a Witch. I got attached to Tina and Charun, so much, writing the sequel with them in it right now.

Which of your own characters would you like to meet in real life, and what would you do?

I would like to meet all of my characters, even the evil ones. I like to talk to them, find out from them if they would be as I seen them, or would they want to be different in actions and thoughts.

Do you prefer to think of yourself as a hero/heroine or villain/villainess and why?

Heroine. Because my own guilt would not let me be a villioness easily. I’ve done villains in plays, and enjoy doing them as they are more complex than a hero, but in real life: no.

If you could have one magical power, what would it be and why?

To be able to absorb other super powers, like one of the heroes in Heroes.

Give us your backlist... with all publishers...

"Jack"-Sinister Tales Magazine, Issue #1

“Wedded Magic”--LoveYouDivine

"Soul Seduction" in Forbidden Love: Bad Boys--Under the Moon

"Being a Predator is a Bitch" in Forbidden Love: Wicked Women-Under the Moon

"To Save the Day"—Amazon Shorts

"Costumed Scare" and "Full Moon Lover" (Poems) in Phaze in Verse--Phaze

"The Dark Man" (m/m) in Forbidden Love: Sacred Bands-Under the Moon

Beast Magic (e-Book)-Phaze Books

"Old Friends" in December 2007 issue of Cobblestone Press Quarterly

"Shadow Lover" in Coming Together: Under Fire—Phaze Books

Crimson Promise—Phaze Books

“To Teach an Ancient God”—Romance All eBooks

Shifting Desires—Phaze Books-Beast Magic included

Tell us about releases you expect within the next year...

Unwitting Sacrifice—Under the Moon—Nov. 30th, 2008 as eBook, Feb. 2009 as print chapbook—erotic horror novella

Here is its blurb: Lisa Selvey moved to Necro Bay, just on the outskirts of Chesapeake, Virginia. She moved there because of its reputation for peace and quiet. To free herself of her nightmares. But her nightmares were just beginning. . .

Necro Bay was just your average American seaside town. The house she bought a normal home. The handsome man, Jacob Lindan that she met, nothing more than a sexually attractive man that whose touch made her mad with desire. Things nightmarishly changed and made her wonder if she wasn't going mad. Even worse, it made her wonder if something lurked in the shadows.

Being Familiar With a Witch—Phaze Books—January 2009—erotic urban fantasy

Blurb: Tina doesn't know she's a witch. It will take Charun, her demon Familiar, to convince her to make love with him and let loose her witch powers.
For if she doesn't, with the demon army about to bring Armageddon to the Mortal Realm on Halloween, she won't stand a chance in Hell.

Tell us about the awards you've won...

I have won in 2006 and 2007 Preditors and editors. Though nothing by Sapphire Phelan, but by my other name. Otherwise nothing else.

Tell us about your current release... blurb... link to purchase is a plus!

Shifting Desires anthology: This is three stories of feline shapeshifters. Mine is an erotic paranormal romance with werelions.

Links to buy it: http://www.king-cart.com/Phaze/product=Shifting+Desires/exact_match=exact Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Shifting-Desires-Jude-Mason/dp/1606590561/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1221493711&sr=1-1 As print, it’s also at Books A Million online, Barnes and Noble online. As eBook at Fictionwise too and Amazon as Kindle.

My novella, Beast Magic’s blurb:

They came from two different worlds.
Ramses was a werelion. Shana Tory was human. The Dreaming foretold them as soul mates.
So Ramses tracked her down in
America, and when he found her, made her his and brought her back home with him to the South African Bushveld.
But others from his pride, led by one evil lioness, do not want them together.
Besides their lives, will their love survive the coming war?

Purr for Me:
Panteara is a beast-shifting panther. For the females of her kind, they shift into half human, half panther on their day of birth--their birthday. Lucky for her, it happens to be on Halloween. This primping puss is all sexed up and heading out to a friend’s Halloween party dressed as, you guessed it, a sleek pelted and curvaceous panther.

Roarke Rawling has been coerced by his sister, Tabby, into going to this damn Halloween party and, to top if all off, he’s dressed in a skintight lion tamer’s costume. Bored out of his mind, ready to leave the party with a vest pocket full of unwanted woman’s phone numbers, he catches sight of a luscious cat woman entering the party. Now, there’s one pussy he’d love to tame.

Sit back and get ready for the fur to fly when you mix together a sexy panther and an arrogant lion tamer.

Cat's Claw:
The death of a long time friend, leads Morgan Fields on an extraordinary quest into the backwoods where she finds love and so much more. Joshua Lansing, the son of her deceased friend helps her explore the heritage she never knew was hers.

Give us your URLs (web site, MySpace, Facebook, blog, etc.)

http://FantasticDreams.50megs.com (official website of Sapphire Phelan/Pamela K. Kinney)
www.myspace.com/SapphirePhelan http://SapphirePhelansPassionCorner.blogspot.com http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SapphirePhelansParanormalNewsletter


Pamela K. Kinney said...

Brenna, thank you for this interview.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Great interview, Sapphire! Exciting to meet someone else who has even *heard* of H.P.Lovecraft.

You might try reading some of my BDSM stories. They might convince you that BDSM can be extremely romantic.

Anyway, thanks for sharing yourself with your readers and colleagues.

Rowena Cherry said...

My goodness, what a grilling! Congratulations, Pam, on so gamely answering every question.

I enjoyed your answers, and also the excerpts.