21 November 2008

writing contest for kids and EPIC news

EPIC runs the New Voices contest every year. They are looking for judges and entrants for this year's contest. You can find the judges' form at
this link

Here is the basic information... It's for middle school and high school students worldwide, writing in English language. There's no entry fee. The kids win prizes that EPIC and EPIC members underwrite. Every entry gets feedback from the three first-round judges, and finalists get additional feedback from the final round judges. The entries are short...no more than 1000 words of fiction or non-fiction or 30 lines of poetry for the high schoolers, and middle school limits are less, so you can whip out scoring them in short order. Published authors, editors, publishers, teachers and librarians are welcome to judge. NO unpublished authors judging, please, unless you are a publisher/editor, teacher or librarian. And, you do your part to encourage kids to write and read. Karma points and all.

Other EPIC notes? EPPIE finalists will be announced Dec 1. ARIANA/DIRK cover art contest closes for entries at midnight EST tomorrow, Nov 22nd. ARIANA/DIRK winners will be announced Dec 15th. Find out more about the contests at the
EPIC site.

EPICon is
open for reservations!

Please, feel free to pass any and all of the information above!


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