28 February 2009

New art!

I just love new art, especially when the artists are so very talented and spot on with the covers! I've had a ton of great luck this week. This first cover has been described by friends in NY as better than their covers, and I'd have to agree. Kudos to LooseId for this first cover.

Close Enough To Human is coming from LooseId in late March or early April. This great cover was created by
Christine Griffin. If you can see the hero's eyes, do so. She got the snake eyes SO right, it's eerie.

And then we get treated to the first two Night Warriors covers. The very talented artist is
Kendra Egert, working from model photos by the ever-wonderful Andrei Vishnyakov. First up is Night Warriors (book one), which is slated to release April 20th!

And Will of The Stone (book two), with a release date of May 25th. If it's possible, I think I love this cover more than I love the one for Night Warriors. The cover artist and photographer are the same talented pair, as well. Can't wait to see what they come up with for the rest of the series!

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Heather Mullaney said...

Those are some hot covers!