22 February 2009


Looking at the books in the Night Warriors series, I realized that they really could fit well on either the Mundania or the Phaze side of the company, so I discussed moving them to Phaze with Dan and Kat. Both of them in agreement, we did it, and I've got the release dates for the first four Night Warriors world books! I know everyone has been waiting patiently for this, so here are my notes.

Night Warriors (re-edited but not significantly changed from the original version) will release April 20th.

Will of the Stone (containing the former releases of Konig Cursebreakers, Stealing Innocence, Autonomy, and Claimed: Konig Mate) will release May 25th.

Bearing Armen (containing the former releases of Armen and Dangerous, Devon's Price, Heart of A Warrior, and The Blade Chaser's Son AS WELL AS the new Night Warriors stories of The Warrior's Widow and Daddy's Little Girl) will release July 6th.

Veriel's Tales I: Crossbearer Turned (re-edited but not significantly changed from the original release) will release August 17th.

Though the full series (as I know it) has signed to Mundania/Phaze, I don't have release dates yet for the rest of the books. For the Night Warriors enthusiasts, I will tell you what's in each coming volume.

Veriel's Tales II: Losing Regana contains the previously released stories Fair Caitrina, Sweet Jacquine, and Remember Me as well as the new story Fierce Ilona.

The long-awaited Hunter's Moon is all new work from the world, save the re-issue of The Lord's Daughter.

Maher Men includes the previous releases of Opposites Attract and The Black Knight as well as the new story Once Marked.

Bear's Women is comprised entirely of new work, as is the final book in the series, Born To The Stone.

If the muse adds more books, I'll deal with that later! But, I do promise that you'll get to read about stories I've hinted at in the past, including Kord Maher's trial and the story behind Laura Briony, the Hunter doctor.

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