24 March 2009


What a month! Here we are...most of the way through...and I'm buried in new releases. Not that I'm complaining, but you'll get the idea, by the end.

To start us off, we've got Animal Instincts from Phaze! It's the first of my Instincts series stories. The second is already submitted to Coming Together, and a third is percolating.

You've got, Anha, a Lyx (werewildcat) fem in heat...and, Mattayas, a Wul (werewolf) buck who can't resist her. What follows includes murder, stalking...and a whole lot of hard choices. Is home where the heart is...or where the den is?

Next up is Close Enough to Human from Loose-Id. It's the first of my Xxan series. The second is already half on paper (and the 3rd-5th in the works), and she's one heck of a world!

Meet Miri, an illegal crossbred Xxan-human, being used as a decoy by the Xxan to hide an attack on the human council...and Aleeks, a natural crossbred, born on Earth. He's the leader of an elite military unit, and he's determined to bring Miri in. Aside from the fact that she's innocent in the plot against the human council, nothing makes sense about her. Worse, with Miri at the height of her budding sexuality, Aleeks may not be able to stifle his Xxanian instincts to dominate and claim her as his mate. Then again, does he want to stifle it?

I'm busy re-releasing some of my OOP titles from Amazon DTP/Kindle. Beyond the Veil includes my three award-winning shorts/novelettes from NOBODY: An Anthology of Dark Fiction (Trick or Treat, Anima ex Machina, and Phantom Dreams). It will be released (for now) in e-book only. At some point in the future, I may do a print anthology, containing these stories and more.

Last...uh, not quite last... I've re-released my EPPIE finalist book of poetry, re-edited and updated to include some of my poetry from the EPPIE finalist PHAZE IN VERSE, in Amazon DTP/Kindle, under the title Snapshots from a Poet's Life. Sometime in the next week, I anticipate it also releasing it in trade paperback on Amazon! More news on that coming up soon.

But the month isn't over, and we're not through yet. We should still see the print releases from Under The Moon for Three Wishes (Urban Grimms collection) and Undead Embrace (straight-genre zombie anthology)...as well as the e-book releases from Under The Moon of Undead Underway (Undead in Blue series) and The Temptation of Eve (Urban Grimms collection).

And don't expect the pace to slow down anytime soon. It looks like I'll have another 3 releases or so each in April and May and then 4 each in June and July. Re-releases, new releases, new releases from old series... It's all coming your way!

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