26 March 2009

Who wants a sneak peek?

As I said, I'll be bringing out some of my OOP (out of print) books again. Most are coming out from publishers like Mundania, Phaze, and Under The Moon.

However, a few will be brought out by me in places like Fictionwise (the contract being favorable), Amazon DTP/Kindle, and Amazon CreateSpace (for new trade paperback versions of the books). Beyond the Veil and Snapshots from a Poet's Life are already available for the Kindle, and Snapshots should be releasing in a trade version this coming week.

The next project for the OOPs is the original Prophecy serial. It is slated to release in Kindle and trade this summer. I may further serialize it to try for that Fictionwise release.

But, that's only the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to Prophecy news. Mollie has finally grown up and demanded the HEA readers of the original release of Prophecy: Revelations and Rapture have asked for all these years. To celebrate the coming re-release of Revelations and Rapture...and to whet the appetite of readers for the new Prophecy story, Rampage, I've posted a sneak peek at the hero of Rampage (Gavin). Remember, just like Joe had, Gavin has a rather...troubled past. Rest assured that he's a much different man when Mollie finally meets him.

WARNING: This excerpt is intended for adult audiences only. Clicking the offered link signifies that the reader is an adult and able to legally access adult materials. I AGREE


Rowena Cherry said...

Fabulous cover art, Brenna!

BrennaLyons said...

You like? Actually, that's one I made personally. It was my holding art/coming soon art for my web site, but it's starting to grow on me.