18 September 2009

Petition for authors, artists, and musicians!

Are you an author, artist, or musician who lives and/or publishes in the US? Are you concerned about piracy? If so, consider signing Copyright Alliance's letter to President Obama and VP Biden. Let them know we care about our IP rights and need their help to protect them when new legislation comes up!

Copyright Alliance is hoping for 500 signatures in the next week. We can do better than that. Can't we?


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BrennaLyons said...

A lot of people don't understand why this is important, I've found. It's not just frustration with piracy. The FCC is holding hearings right now on net neutrality. Unfortunately, some of the suggested pieces of legislation would undermine our IP rights and how we defend them. Several large groups that deal with copyright and DMA are giving testimony. It is imperative for not only the FCC but also the executive branch (with their veto power) and the legislative branch to know that we take anything that undermines our rights very seriously.