09 November 2009

Consider Joining!

As we're all concerned with copyright, consider joining the grassroots organization working on DC to protect our copyrights, as new legislation is created. There is no fee to join as a One Voice member.


Copyright Alliance is a grassroots organization run by a group of legal eagles and activist types from DC and industry members. Their membership includes large groups like writers' unions and music industry groups. They also have a creators' awareness group that is made up of individual creators, including authors, artists, and musicians. I was on a radio show last week with Lucinda Dugger and Patrick Ross. INCREDIBLE, dynamic people. You really have to talk to them someday!

There is no required membership fee, though some of the industry folks do donate to the cause, so you might want to join the creators ring, just to see what it's like.

Oh...and please consider signing the petition being sent to the president and vice president...
They are hoping to have more than 10,000 signatures when they send it this week.

The petition is a small part of a larger movement in DC. Many of the new laws the policy makers are working on are detrimental to or not supportive of copyright. They hope to show that creators of all types want our copyrights protected, when new policy is made. It's not that they are against things like Creative Commons Licensing, but it should be up to the creator to designate that.

Now, apparently this is making waves. From what they said on the show, they have elected officials telling them they've heard about the movement, without being contacted by CA with information about it.


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