24 November 2009


VERIEL'S TALES II: LOSING REGANA- Century after century, Jörg searches for Regana, finds her, and loses her again.
HEA-atypical, VIOLENCE-high, LANGUAGE-moderate, SEX- erotic

Cover art created by Kendra Egert

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Feirce Ilona- She's a human Warrior in her own right, hunted by an army of her enemies. She's of his blood but far removed, but despite his best intentions not to lay claim to her as his mate, Ilona has other thoughts on the matter.

HEA-no, VIOLENCE-high, LANGUAGE-moderate, SEX-lightly erotic

FAIR CAITRINA- Once upon a time, Veriel turned a woman he loved to save her life. What was life like for the Fair Caitrina?

HEA-no, VIOLENCE-high, LANGUAGE-moderate, SEX-erotic

SWEET JACQUINE- She was left behind, at the mercy of the Warriors after Caitrina went beast. The reality of what Jörg der Schmeidt was left her open to nearly any possibility, but could she trust the rough men who told tales of the demons that would now pursue her?

HEA-yes, VIOLENCE-low, LANGUAGE-moderate, SEX-lightly sensual

REMEMBER ME- In "Fair Caitrina," you were introduced to Jörg and his quest to safeguard his mate. In "Remember Me," Jörg has another chance at that goal. Yzabeau de Cambion is as bold as any of Regana's souls, but Jörg has made an awful musing that the Stone decides to take him up on. What if Regana's newest soul came to him with full knowledge of him sexually and nothing more? Could she survive the madness such a situation would drive her to? When Jörg saves Yzabeau from a brutal attack by her brother's enemies, he finds himself caught in a firestorm of passion with Regana's newest soul. Taking her in that condition is wrong, and he knows it, but Jörg has never been able to boast self-control where Regana is concerned.

HEA-no, VIOLENCE-graphic, LANGUAGE-moderate, SEX-lightly erotic

FREEDOM- The original epilogue to CROSSBEARER TURNED... See what happens to Veriel at his death.

HEA-atypical, VIOLENCE-moderate, LANGUAGE-moderate, SEX-none

EPIC's e-Book Award Finalist 2010!

MATCHMAKER'S MISERY- Eve wants a man who is seen by Keen nobility as unsuitable as a mate for a re-bred. Pilar is pursued by a man who wants position -- until he meets her. After her near-brush with death at her first mating, Eve doesn't ever want a man in her life. Will these three women find what they really need in life?

HEA-yes, VIOLENCE-moderate, LANGUAGE-moderate, SEX-erotic
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CLAIMING A LADY- From my Night Warriors series... In Crossbearer turned, I talked about the first cursed lords taking their mates, but I didn't go into detail on them. In fact, aside from Gawen talking about how crazy he was for Bavin, the only comment I made about it was: "The other warriors were called forth one by one and chose their mates with no interference from another. Predictably, all announced that they were content to wait for the joining to take their chosen wives into their homes. By the sixth, they stood hand in hand with their mates: Gawen with Bavin, Ditrich with Anabilia, Cunczel with Lela, Ger with Ingela, Wil with Evfemia, and Olbrecht with Lenne. Regana had been right on every match. [snip] Six amulets appeared in unison. Six men placed them lovingly over the heads of their chosen women, gave their blessings, and sealed the match. Some sealed it passionately, some in a chaste exchange. The one who worried Gawen was the one who sealed no one to himself that night."

It is time to see the stories of the six lords besides Pauwel (the one who sealed no one to himself that night), starting with Gawen and Bavin.

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