14 November 2009


Just got the word. I finaled three books this year, from three different publishers, in EPIC's e-book contest. The letters are going out to finalists, but I don't know how early or late in the process mine was, though. That means we'll probably see the full list early this coming week, I'd guess.

My finalists?

Matchmaker's Misery (Kegin series) from Phaze in E-2 (Fantasy Erotic Romance)
Time Currents (Kielan series, a Kegin spin-off world) from Logical-Lust in E-2 (Fantasy Erotic Romance)...my first time finaling two in the same category
Three Wishes (Urban Grimms) from Under The Moon in E-6 (Paranormal Erotic Romance)


Make that FOUR, not three. I'm also in Coming Together: Against the Odds, and that finaled in Erotic Romance/Erotica Anthology!


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