01 April 2010

Too tired for April Fools Day?

You know... I would love to play an April Fools joke on people, but life has intruded too much today to even consider it, I think. Want to hear about my day so far?

Our cat delivered a litter of kittens overnight. Hey...I get to count that, since some of it happened after midnight. One of said grey fluff balls has a real set of lungs on him...her? It's a little early for that determination, I guess. So...not a whole heck of a lot of sleep.

I woke up this morning and started on e-mail...and power went out for two hours. For a while there, I was afraid I'd have to go to somewhere that had free WiFi to make my chat today at Coffee Time Erotic list. I'm still not sure I won't have to.

Of course, said power outtage covered most of the city and came at the point where high school students were prepping for school, so my younger two will be home for the day. My oldest attends school in another city, so she ends up going to school when we have off for reasons like this. She's caught her school bus in blackouts twice so far this year. Being home means the younger two will be here to appropriately interrupt my chat. Grinning...

And now, Yahoo is claiming they are going to have outtages today, during the chat. I really HOPE that one is an April Fools joke, but I suspect not, considering the rest of my day so far.

I'd really like to offer a great joke about the awards I've won. Oh wait...I did win two of EPIC's e-Book Awards recently. Or maybe about my book translations. Oh wait...Phaze has just announced that my books will be available in translations soon. The geek in me can't wait to see the new covers.

But the truth is... I'm just too tired to come up with anything spectacular this year. FWIW, I'm as tired today as I was this time nine years ago...when I was a chapter or two into my very first novel. No, that's not a joke either. I started writing PROPHECY on April Fools Day 2001.

Guess I'll have to settle for my own sort of torture for people. The EPICon 2011 web site goes up in a week. Until then, only six people know who our special guest presenter is. I'm one of them, and I'm not telling you who the other five are. Grinning... For the record, that's not an April Fools joke either. That's real. Have fun postulating until then.


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