29 March 2010

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Brenna Lyon's story, All I want For Christmas Is You, is a sure win. It is deeply erotic, with enough electric sex scenes to light up the Carson Christmas tree. Lyons has penned a charming short story with more than enough heat to keep you warm on a cold winter's eve, and I wholeheartedly recommend it. 5 Angels, Recommended Read
Reviewed by Lynn For Fallen Angels Reviews

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All I Want For Christmas Is You is an extremely moving and emotional story that will tug at your heart, heat up your blood, and keep you flipping through the pages from start to finish. Brenna Lyons has combined acceptance and loss, creating a stable place for the protagonists to come together and move forward with their lives. The chemistry between Robin and David is burn-the-tips-of-your-fingers hot, and sex scenes will have you melting in the reading chair. I love Ms. Lyons style of writing, as well as her ability to bring emotion to the page – even as she kicks up the heat. Don’t miss this engaging and thoroughly enjoyable read. 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Fern for Whipped Cream Reviews

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I absolutely loved this sweet little story about David and Robin. The confusion among the characters was so exact it led me to wonder what could happen to this couple. Ms. Lyons knows how to draw her audience into a book so they don’t want to put it down. As a reader, you’ll be glad this is a short story so you can find out what happens quickly, but then you want to know what else is going on in the Carson family. The only warning I would give is there is some explicit scenes that some readers may find out of their comfort zone, but the publisher does give warning. Even though this is under 100 pages, the development of the story was exceptional. I hope Ms. Lyons has more planned not only for Robin and David but also the rest of the family.
Reviewed by Jacqueline Stengel for TCM Reviews

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This was a well thought out story and I thought it would be straightforward. I was wrong. While trying to keep their relationship a secret to avoid conflict with the family, both wishes their relationship were real. But a secret like this is just begging to be let out, and since it’s Christmas wishes can come true. 4.5 Stars, Top Pick
Reviewed by Chris for Night Owl Reviews


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Although this is a really short read, it answers all of the questions that were left after reading Bride Ball -- unfortunately, it also means that it's not as good of a stand-alone read. Lyons really excels at packing maximum punch into her stories. Be it the characters, their fears, foibles, dreams, and desires to the world itself, the culture and the mores of the time -- every detail is lovingly crafted and no word goes wasted. Lyons remains one of my favorite authors and I will wait with bated breath for her to go back to writing novels. Short stories are all well and good and it's not as if she doesn't shine in them -- but it just doesn't soothe the itch the way a nice, fat novel does. 4.75 Stars, Top Pick
Reviewed by Kyraninse for Night Owl Reviews


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Bride Ball is an interesting take on the old story. It's a modern-day Cinderella, but somehow it doesn't feel modern (despite the comments about plastic surgery), and current slang feels out of place. It was a wonderful story. Amber, Alana, and Kambry are amazing, their lovers are fantastic men, and I loved hearing more about what happened after the prince found his princess. In particular, Alana and Benjamin made me wipe away tears. The idea that the way things have been isn't the way things must be gets explored often, but not often enough in ways that bring middle-aged people happiness. Please, write more and soon! I want more from this world 4.75 Stars, Top Pick
Reviewed by Roza for Night Owl Reviews

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Brenna Lyons once again captures your heart and your attention in this fantastic story. Bride ball is actually three interwoven stories that revolve around the same family. These three stories are fantastically written. As you read you fall into the story and cannot help but keep turning the pages until the very end. The characters are well developed and engaging while you root for the good guy, boo the bad guys and have tears of happiness in your eyes by the end of this great story. Gotta Read
Reviewed by Lupa for You Gotta Read Reviews

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A classic urban fairytale with a sexy twist of this Cinderella story comes to life. With the humor and classic sweetness of Ever After, some very steamy scenes that will light your fires, engaging and addictive characters that will ensnare you, transporting you into their world of urban fantasy only to make you feel as though you are right there experiencing every emotion as they are.The book was broken up into three cohesive parts that are easy to follow thru all the chapters unfolding into wonderful character development on Ms. Lyon's part. Throughout all three stories I never felt as though Brenna jumped around, they were all free flowing but completed one another beautifully never letting the reader down, always capturing my attention and making me want a little bit more. 5 Flowers, Loved it! Couldn't put it down!
Reviewed by Book Junkie

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Brenna Lyons as usual has created a world to fit her brand of writing. In this intriguing and twisted Cinderella tale Ms. Lyons characters come alive with intrigue, mistrust, and choices made that have far reaching consequences. The story is told in three parts, which makes for a richer story. Each story is part of the overall tale being told of one young girl and her eventual happily ever after and how the evil step mother and step sister get theirs. This reviewer was blown away with this story and its cast of memorable characters. Ms. Lyons and her world-building is to not be missed, especially if you’re a fan of fantasy. The sex is hot as well. Do not let this one pass you by. 4 Stars
Reviewed by Acquanetta Ferguson for Erotic and Romance Book Examiner


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Creative and original as well as steamy, this was a thought-provoking read. While I was a little lost in the beginning, the more I read the more became clear. A man’s desire for his line to continue made leaps in science, but took a huge step back in the evolution department. While we are left wondering who the women are and what their purpose truly is, there are clues along the way that point not at an assassin, but something else. You’ll have to read the story to find out. 3 Stars
Reviewed by Chris for Night Owl Reviews

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There is a lot of story packed into a few pages. For this reason and because I didn’t want to miss a thing, I had to read a bit slower. There were a few shaky spots where I wasn’t quite “in” the story, but Ms Lyons quickly amps up the action and brought me right back. The sex is hot but the tease is even hotter. Story- 7 out of 10, Presentation- 9 out of 10
Reviewed by Seriously Reviewed


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This was a short fun read with a simple yet powerful plot. What do you do when the one person you desire also has the power to destroy you? The clash of these two very well-drawn characters, and their interaction, was a pleasure to read. It was exactly the right amount of plot for the length, giving conflict but also the chance for a happy resolution. The world was presented with enough detail to make their dilemmas believable without being overwhelming. I thoroughly enjoyed this novella. 4.5 Hearts
Reviewed by Moe for The Romance Studio

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There is nothing better than a tightly written paranormal tale loaded with fantasy goodness and torrid romance. Nevermore captures the ironic tone of Poe’s raven, complete with two characters so likeable they’re almost human. The tension is tighter than a guitar wire. The romance is brought to boil by sex so hot it would be put a flame thrower out of commission. Well, what did I expect? This is Ms. Lyon’s specialty; an inventive narrative with an engaging solid plot from start to finish. Charismatic, complex protagonists dueling it out until they can find a place to consummate their wicked obsession is at the top of the menu. Her writing skills are the perfect vehicle for execution and delivery. Always.
Reviewed by Patrice F. for Joyfully Reviewed

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