02 March 2010



Bride Ball II: Poison, Lies, and No-Win Choices has just released from Phaze.

Bride Ball II: Poison, Lies, and No-Win Choices- Once upon a time, before Edward met Amber and Darren met Kambry, there was a Bride Ball...the night that started it all. It all began with a prank gone wrong, an aphrodisiac delivered to the wrong person. It escalated into a punishment that caught two innocents in the web of deceit. Before the night is over, one man will be unjustly accused of crimes even he can't be sure he didn't commit, and one woman will be ostracized from society. Can anything make this right again?

HEA-yes, VIOLENCE-moderate, LANGUAGE-moderate, SEX-erotic WARNING: Contains sexual situations that may upset some readers.

Cover Art by Debi Lewis

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