04 March 2010


In addition to the three weeks BRIDE BALL has spent on the top sellers for erom on Fictionwise, both BRIDE BALL and MARKED are in the top 20 bestsellers at Phaze for the month of February. This is BRIDE BALL's second month running as a bestseller for Phaze!

Bride Ball- Welcome to Lenvia, where the young prince has been given a year to choose a wife or have one chosen for him. Hoping for a desperate family to send an innocent into the fray, Edward arranges a series of Bride Balls--outrageous sexual events--and a willing decoy in his bid to find someone who loves him for himself and not his crown. Enter Amber, daughter of a dead lord on his beloved mistress, a servant in her own household. When her irrepressible grandmother pushes her to find a husband or lover to protect her from the wrath of her step-mother, Amber loses more than her virginity...but it’s not a glass slipper that the prince has to track her with. The race is on. Before these two are through, more than one couple may find their way through the traps of poison, lies, and no-win choices forged at a long ago Bride Ball and left to fester through two generations of the royal family.
HEA-yes, VIOLENCE-mild, LANGUAGE-moderate, SEX-erotic
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Cover Art by Debi Lewis

MARKED- Money clips and microchips...that’s what little boys are made of. Lace and flair and grave malware...that’s what little girls are made of. Who knew a fatal crash could feel so good? Houston Lawton's sons are every woman's dream men: successful, intelligent, rich. There's just one little problem; they can't feel love. A jaded woman might claim that's typical of the breed, but they're not clueless; rather cybernetic inhibitors suppress the emotion to stabilize their neuro-processors. They've never lost control...until now.
HEA-yes, VIOLENCE-mild, LANGUAGE-graphic, SEX-erotic
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NOTE: This story is available in print as part of the FORBIDDEN LOVE: WICKED WOMEN anthology from Under The Moon.
Cover art by Debi Lewis.

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