01 February 2011

Still Alive!

Yes, I'm still alive. I know some of you were wondering about that. Grinning. It's been a busy few months for me, so let's catch up.

I'm working as the Administrator for Silver Publishing (just named Love Romances Cafe and More's publisher of the year for 2010!). For those of you not familiar with Silver, we put out primarily sensual and erotic romance books...a few traditional heat level tossed in. The catalog is weighted toward quality M/M, but we also do M/F, and we have some of the best names in the industry working with us.

That takes up a lot of time, especially December, when we released about 35 books onto 13 distribution channels in 25 days...seriously. But I'm still finding time to write, as well. In fact....

I have THREE book releases scheduled in the next two weeks!


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Raised to Be His Own (Night Warriors Histories) -

What if...Veriel had managed to steal Erin/Jayde but Anna was killed or left behind?

What if she'd been raised in seclusion, lied to, denied her training...crafted into the perfect mate for the beast? What would she have been told? What would she be like?

Would she have chosen him in the end? Or would she have embraced her true mate, given the chance to? It all happened in an earlier beast war.

Welcome back to Night Warriors Histories, where Gaffin and a team of other Warriors have tracked Veriel to the greatest prize of all...Ragath.

Available from Phaze

Cover art by Anastasia Rabiyah

HEA-yes, VIOLENCE-moderate/high, LANGUAGE-moderate, SEX-sensual

HUNTER'S MOON- Set in the years between the two sections of NIGHT WARRIORS, this book answers questions about what happened in Hunter, while the search for Erin went on. The Hunter men need heirs to the house. In "Stephen's Sacrifice," the headstrong youngest brother learns that what you say is not always what you do. Mated with the spunky Gabrielle, he has to defend her when she uncovers a plot to track the missing Hunter daughter by way of court records. In "Colin's Challenge," Colin learns that you should never say never. Tracked by a reporter he saved, he has to convince her to accept his protection and drop her story before it gets her killed. By the time he convinces her to let him be the mate he swore he would never be, she may have alienated the entire Hunter house. Finally, in "Laura's Luck," we learn the answers to the questions raised about the prized Laura Briony in the first book. Can a formerly mated man find happiness in the arms of another woman? Will Corwyn finally get his happily ever after?

Cover art created by Kendra Egert

Coming from Phaze 8 Feb 2011!


All's Fair...- All's Fair in Love and War. It better be. When a grudge match between the gods of love and war catches the next generation in their battle, sparks will fly. But they won't be sparks of anger.

Five millennia ago, Davon -- Horseman of War, son of Ares -- insulted Eros, God of Love and Lust. Young and headstrong, Eros decided to teach Davon a lesson about his own nature. Until the young horseman can embrace the god of love with affection, he will be impotent. Such a loss for his lovers.

While Davon cannot stomach the idea of embracing Eros with anything but his hands around the other man’s scrawny throat, Love will eventually find a mate and produce heirs that Davon might have a chance of liking, despite their parentage. After all, it is Love's nature to do so.

When two strange men who don't show up on film save Khrystal from a mugger, her life takes a turn toward the strange. Considering the fact that her mother is a psychic who is completely besotted with her husband, a man that left them two decades earlier, saying Khrystal’s life has become weirder is saying a lot.

Cover art created by Reese Dante
HEA-yes, VIOLENCE-moderate, LANGUAGE-moderate, SEX-lightly erotic

Available for PRESALE NOW at Silver Publishing! Releases February 12th, 2010!

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