23 July 2014

SALE on Will of the Stone (Night Warriors #2)! ACT FAST!

Today and tomorrow (Wed and Thurs) ONLY, Will of the Stone (Night Warriors #2) is on sale at ARe for $1.39. If you haven't read it yet, it's a good time to try it.
Genre- Paranormal highly sensual/erotic romance

WILL OF THE STONE (formerly titled KÖNIG CURSEBREAKERS)- PEARL finalist 2004- The NIGHT WARRIORS saga continues with the tale of Hunter Crossbearer-König and his sister, Erin. Pursued from the moment her curse strikes her, Erin is wanted as mate by the last beast elder, Lorian, and every warrior who hopes to be the next Lord König. Meanwhile, the only man Erin would submit to isn't interested in the job...or is he? With König established as the house of Blutjagdfrau, Hunter is relegated to running Crossbearer in his father's place. Can he convince his chosen mate that the stone is not to be denied? Sarah, the warrior's most powerful human sensitive, is wanted by Lorian just as Erin is. Can the two women, together with Hunter's son and the ancient stone, do the impossible and free the last elder?
HEA-yes, VIOLENCE-high moderate, LANGUAGE-moderate, SEX-highly sensual

Cover art created by Kendra Egert- Photo credit to Andrei Vishnyakov

CLAIMED: KÖNIG MATE- His name is Mikel of Crossbearer, the König prince, a feared and revered Warrior sensitive. She is Holly of Schmeidt, the freed daughter of a Warrior and a human sensitive. When Mikel orders her brought before him as a potential bride, Holly wants nothing more than to tell the Prince to get lost and return home, but something about Mikel calls to her. It started when Mikel was two and he innocently claimed the mate he knew to be his. Holly has been lied to for her entire life, denied the chance to travel as she'd wanted to. But, now Mikel is calling her home.
HEA-yes, VIOLENCE-none, LANGUAGE-moderate, SEX-sensual

Stealing Innocence- The last elder, Lorian, is on the prowl for a female, and Haylie is just the sort of woman to catch his eye. She's a relative innocent in a crowd of vampire wannabes. Lorian is out for a little training to prepare him to win over his virgin bride. If he can entice Haylie to him, he might have a chance with Erin.
HEA-no, VIOLENCE-moderate, LANGUAGE-moderate, SEX-erotic

Autonomy- Erin is sweet sixteen and never been kissed, but now she has autonomy, and Curt Maher is her birthday wish.
HEA-no, VIOLENCE-none, LANGUAGE-moderate, SEX-sensual

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