24 July 2014


Well, we're still working on the SSL to be activated on the Fireborn Publishing site, but in the meantime... Since print books go through CreateSpace's cart and not FBP's cart, Keif's Pack just went live on CS! As soon as the SSL is activated, we'll take the ebook live on FBP's site and start distributing it.

Keif's Pack
Brenna Lyons
220 pages
46068 words
Editor: Jamie D. Rose
Cover Artist: Samantha Holt


When the pack murders or is murdered, it's up to Tragen's Enforcer to punish the guilty. When the situation involves both, and the survivor is the future leader of the pack--who has bonded to a human female, the Enforcer's job has become the headache of the century.

Jen is a child advocate, burdened by a tragic past. When she's called in for a little boy discovered, alive but suffering amnesia, in the midst of a massacre involving attack dogs, little does she know her life has taken a turn into the shadowy society of the wolves.

Adrien is Tragen's Enforcer--the police force, judge, jury, and executioner of the local pack. From the moment he hears the news reports, he knows he'll soon be hunting his own for endangering the peace between wolf and human. But nothing could have prepared him for Jen, the daughter of Andrew "Lion" Verik. Or for the fact that the young survivor is not only a wolf but also a Keif, the future leader of the pack.

A Keif sees the future, as if it was fact, but his enemies will stop at nothing to kill him before he can take power, even if it means going through Jen and Adrien to do it.

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