27 August 2008


UNDER COVER OF THE NIGHT was a fun book, an e-book from Phaze. You have a Chippendale's-type of male strip club...very high end acts, with sinfully gorgeous men on stage. Those same men are actually sexual vampires, feeding on the sex drives of the women who can take the gents upstairs for a...clearing throat...ride after the show. But, they aren't prostitutes, because they refuse money for their intimate encounters. Simply put, making women happy makes them happy and well-fed.

Well, it has until now, anyway. Ramon has fixated on one woman and can't seem to concentrate with another, so much so that the other entertainers start taking his place with willing women after the show. The problem? His intended mate (Carlotta) is a married woman who refuses to cheat on her husband, no matter how attracted to Ramon she is. The fact that she's UNhappily married doesn't make a difference to her. As long as she's with her husband, she won't betray her vows. But, if something were to happen to sever that trust, all bets would be off! And, they are.

I enjoyed her vampires, and the husband's semi-madness was extremely well done. Her characters are likable and easy to follow through most of the choices they make. The snips of background (of the vampires and the club history) are delightful, and I hope to see more of this in future books.

The only complaint I had about it was the quick snap at the end. If the author (Megan Hussey) had taken just a few more pages to flesh out the ending, it would have been a much stronger story. There were gaps in the logic of what happened there that needed filled. Without giving spoilers, I can't give specifics on the two things I think needed more, but even so, I highly enjoyed this book and hope there are more like it coming.

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