05 August 2008

Phaze NEWS


First, I have a new release from Phaze. FATES MAGIC is a short story set in a new world for me, a world of magic users, governed by Fate and her sister Chaos. It might seem like a balance, but it's really a war. When one pushes, the other pushes back. You can get this story in e-book from Phaze.

Second... The re-edited reissue of LAST CHANCE FOR LOVE (which went on sale from the original publisher, eXtasy Books, in February 2003 (March 2003 for the SECOND SON portion of the release), went off sale in June 2006 and went back on sale with Phaze in July 2008) promptly took #1 bestselling e-book for Phaze in July 2008 (and was the bestseller for eXtasy when it released there...and for a bit at Fictionwise, as well, back in 2003). For the first time ever, this book is available in both e-book and print from Phaze. And thank you to my readers for making this possible! I love you all!

Happy dancing today!

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