31 July 2008

change of title

You may notice that one of my titles has recently changed.

Originally, Gregory L. Norris and I were going to do an anthology of revisited (i.e. urban fantasy), unsanitized Grimms' tales titled ONCE UPON A TIME...YESTERDAY. When all was said and done, we'd each come up with between 65K and 75K of work for the anthology. They were all fabulous stories, and Greg's were interconnected, which meant we couldn't just drop anything out. So, rather than release a single 140K monster of a book, Terri at UTM decided to release two separate anthologies--one of Greg's work and one of mine, connected by theme.

Long story short? We obviously didn't want to have two books with a single title, and Greg's portion fit better with the YESTERDAY part, since his contains a time travel to the past and a generational type of story, including both past and present. All of my stories are set in the current time or thereabouts. After much deliberation, Terri decided that Greg would keep ONCE UPON A TIME...YESTERDAY, and my anthology will be titled ONCE UPON A TIME...TODAY.

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