30 July 2008




"LAST CHANCE FOR LOVE is an ambitious, lengthy Sci-Fi/Fantasy Romance that truly delivers! Ms. Lyons does an excellent job of creating the world of Kegin, giving it customs, mores, language and life while keeping it believable and realistic. Her character creation is also fantastic as even secondary characters are well rounded and ready to jump off the pages. The plot contains mystery, romance, adventure, betrayal, redemption and love—both for mates and family. I really loved the depth of this story, it was engrossing and although too long to read in one sitting, I was always anxious to return and find out what happened next. Each section had new facets to recommend it; Susan and Jole's story sets the stage and setting and I feel is the most romantic, Mik and Danellan's story the most heartwarming, Alex and Lyssa's is the most exciting and Pyter's the most heartbreaking. The romance is exciting, sensual and sexy and although graphic I truly would consider LAST CHANCE FOR LOVE to be erotic romance as opposed to erotica. Since this is touted as Book One, I can honestly say I am looking forward to reading Book Two as I would be very happy to revisit this world again!"
Reviewed by Sandi Potterton for Dark Angel Reviews 4.5 Pixies!

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