30 July 2008

UPDATED release schedule

You're going to notice some changes, of course. I have tentative dates for TYGERS and all the Grimms' stories I've written from UTM, for instance.

You'll notice that I have at least one release a month from July 2008 through March 2009. The Fall/Winter releases should end up somewhere in that range, as well. That comes out to 14 releases in 9 months. One of the down sides to having so many publishers is that they may all schedule you at the same time. It's never been this bad before, but...hey. It happens. I may have to push a few back a bit. So, stand by for more changes.

July 2008:

Last Chance for Love (K1) in e-book and print from Phaze

August 2008:

Fates Magic (FW1) from Phaze

September 2008:

Rites of Mating (K2) from Phaze

October 2008:

Matchmaker's Misery (K3) from Phaze

"Catch Me, If You Can" from Mojocastle/UTM e

November 2008:

Double Image (K4) from Phaze


December 2008:

"Three Wishes" from Mojocastle/UTM e

Fall/Winter 2008:

Written In The Stars (SM1) from Mundania Press, LLC.

"One-Hour Burial" in Pretty Scary from Dark Hart Press

January 2009:

Restrained (K5) from Phaze

February 2009:

"The Temptation of Eve" from Mojocastle/UTM e

March 2009:

Alien Encounters (K6) from Phaze

Once Upon A Time...Today in print from UTM (includes "Catch Me, If You Can," "Three Wishes," and "The Temptation of Eve")

Spring/Summer 2009:

Monsters of Myth from Mundania Press, LLC.

"Melting The Ice Queen" in Forbidden Love: Fire and Ice from UTM

Renegade's Run (REN2) from UTM

More coming soon!

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