17 July 2008

summer news part 1

It's been a while, and I'm just getting back online. So, what's been going on with me?

The last month of school for the kids is always a mess, of course (chorus, band, track and field, academic league, math league, etc.)...and add to that four of the five household members with the flu, medical emergencies, conferring on cover art, doing edits for books coming out soon, orthodontists, and so on...

You'd think summer would be a relief, but it's not...unfortunately. I always have grand plans of visiting my sister and getting writing and editing done, but it never quite works out that way. I love her dearly and wouldn't have her any other way, but vacations with Lisa always end up as working vacations. To top it, we couldn't go outside the house much, because there were two wildfires (including the Dismal Swamp burning) that meant you couldn't see the next block.

Being home, strange as it seems, is more relaxing than vacation. As per my doctor's instructions, I'm trying to both work out and keep the stress down. Among other things, that includes a daily walk in the park with the kids...

After almost two impossible weeks of trying to get online at Lisa's (imagine 12 people, two of them professional writers, trying to share a single online computer...wince), I came home full of plans to write and edit.

Read part two to find out what happened next!

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