18 July 2008

first time in print

Not me, of course. I've been in print a few dozen times now. No, I'm talking about one of my best-loved worlds (Kegin) and books (LAST CHANCE FOR LOVE). A Dream Realm Award Finalist in 2003, the book has been re-edited and now includes the matching novella SECOND SON. For the first time ever, this book has released in print from PHAZE! An e-book version is also available, for those who didn't catch the stories the first time around and prefer e-book.

What's the story with Kegin? Simply put, Kegin is separated into several distinct timelines...the legendary/mythological Kegin stories, the historical Kegin stories (including THE LAST OF FION'S DAUGHTERS and CONQUEST), and the contemporary Kegin stories (including LAST CHANCE FOR LOVE).

In the contemporary timeline, Kegin is a world fighting back genetic decay and attempting to cross-breed genetically-strong women to save their world.That wouldn't be quite so traumatic to the women if they knew what they were and were raised to the idea, but they weren't. Once they reach adulthood, the age of 20, they are brought through the gateway to Kegin on the next gateway cycle and presented to their mates, problematic at best...and all the worse when the American government becomes aware that there are aliens living on Earth.

The current game plan is to release the next 6 books in the series in quick succession, so those who've started with LCFL and RITES OF MATING (EPPIE Finalist 2006) will get a chance to find out 'what happens next?'!

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