19 August 2008

what would I do?

The video bloggers started it! Can I say that?

Okay, so what are we talking about again? Oh yes...what would I do, if I were a famous author? It all started with the video bloggers. Two of my favorite answers are from:

Jackson Pearce
and Kaleb Nation

Okay... I'll be the first to admit that Jackson is the coolest. Kaleb has a few really unworkable ones, and some of the other video bloggers have completely juvenile ideas...not a big deal, since they are juveniles, but...

Back to the subject. Kaleb's idea about spoilers is pretty fun. Jackson's tattoo thing is great! Since I have two tatts already, I love that one. Her costume idea is also a blast. I've already done a few of the ones others suggested in their video blogs. But, what would I do, if I were a famous author?

I think I'm going to show how much an old fuddy I am here, but here goes. Warning...I'm also a mother, and I tend to take care of others.

1. Host a party night at RT (Romantic Times Booklovers Convention) and demand that they set a seat for every person attending the convention PLUS ten extra for press. Insist that they have food for every attendee of my party, and make sure every attendee gets a really kick-ass gift for coming to my party...good music to dance to and no pomp and circumstance! Hey! THIS is a party.

2. Have really righteous costumes made for some of my leading ladies (well, for me to play my leading ladies at conventions) and attend all the conventions I want to for a year...Dragon*Con, K-Con, Necon, World Fantasy, RT, EPICon, World Horror, Thriller Fest, Armadillo Con, Readercon...and so on! That means paying my mom to come live at my house for a few months to watch the kids...or earning enough money for my husband to quit work and return to school, like he wants to.

3. Do a month-long book tour, preferably with one staff member along to help. I've always wanted to do this. Do I need to say more? I know...I'll never sleep, hardly eat (well, I could use to lose a few pounds), spend half my time dragging stuff behind me down airport concourses... But, I still want to do it.

4. Hang out on forums and lists under an assumed name, playing devil's advocate with people postulating on the next book. It's not so much that I want to mislead them as see what they think is really going on and keep them guessing.

5. Spend a week or two in North Conway, NH. I mean that. I would split my time between Adventure Suites and Stonehurst Manor...or maybe spend all of my time at Stonehurst. It's just the sort of writer's getaway I've always wanted to take.

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